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Forward motion in hurry-up-and-wait jobs

Some jobs operate on a predictable rhythm. Meetings and phone calls get scheduled in advance. You know roughly what the "hard landscape" of your day is, and what time is available for other projects. This can change, of course, and interruptions can be frequent, but the nature of the days is to be scheduled. Since the standard office job looks like this, much p… read more »

Be more productive in 2017 (Day 5: Plan your workweeks on Fridays)

Over the past five days, I have shared some of my favorite productivity habits. All of them are small in the grand scheme of things, but all have a big impact. Today's habit is important because of a simple fact: time passes, whether you think about how you spend it or not. In that way, it's like moving water. If you're swimming in a moving stream, it can be difficul… read more »

Be more productive in 2017 (Day 4: Make one connection daily)

Over the past few days, I've been sharing simple habits that can have a big impact on productivity. Today's strategy has to do with building and maintaining connections over time. "Networking" often seems either sleazy or intimidating. It can be done ineffectively; people collect dozens of business cards at conferences and then elect not to follow up with… read more »

Be more productive in 2017 (Day 3: Think through weekends by Wednesday)

This week I'm sharing five small habits that make a big impact on productivity. First, we talked about climbing mountains on Monday morning (that is, tackling long-term, important stuff that doesn't have to happen first). Yesterday we talked about building in mindful breaks. Today's habit -- a strategy for creating more satisfying leisure time -- has lit… read more »

The Boston trip

I spent several days this week in Boston, giving three talks in three days (and throwing in a webinar too for good measure). The last was at the Massachusetts Conference for Women, which is a huge, 11,000 person extravaganza. I spent some time hanging out with Glennon Doyle Melton and Jenny Blake — see our fun photo of all of us holding each others' books. Fun s… read more »