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Reliving and cementing memories, in little bits of time

Like many people, I take almost all my photos with my phone these days. The phone goes with me everywhere, which makes it quite convenient. Of course, the downside of the phone going everywhere is that I always risk losing it. I will admit that I am not as diligent about backing up photos as I should be. This weighs on me sometimes, but in the march of daily life, pre… read more »

Friday miscellany: When you don’t stick to the plan

It is a rainy March day. The ground is completely sodden; I see puddles of mud in my backyard. I am telling myself that in a month my plum trees will be flowering. Already, I can see the yellow on the forsythia starting to poke out. But early March is very much a transitional season. It's been a pretty good, if full week. One unexpected nice moment: I came home from ch… read more »

That moment of boredom on a plane

Six hours is a long time to be on a plane. I suppose I could do the usual things to pass the time, such as watch movies, but I'm not really a movie person. Also, six uninterrupted hours is a rare thing in life. I like to take advantage of it if I can, even if the accommodations are uncomfortable. And yet, four hours into this six hour flight, I keep hoping for the minutes… read more »

Three little life hacks

Sometimes people think, because I write about productivity, that everything functions smoothly around here. It does not. I have certain mental blocks. For instance, it occurred to me this weekend that I would be speaking this Friday at a huge conference (Watermark, in CA - say hi if you're there!). I would be signing books that people would be buying. People… read more »

Friday miscellany: 500 words, and writing in general

On December 24, 2016, I went for a run. Over the next week or so, I managed to run every day. So then I thought, hey, why don't I keep going? I've now run at least a mile every day for the last 400-plus days. I know the streak can't continue indefinitely. Life happens, but I feel like it's been a good addition to my life. Exercise is a known mood booster, and so I'm gettin… read more »