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Best of Both Worlds episode 10: Networking for parents

Networking is one of those topics where the name may stand in the way of implementation. "Networking" sounds so cheesy and transactional. In my commencement speech, I do a little riff talking about "networking" in the funny voice that I'm ascribing to people giving career advice. It's kind of like "plastics" that way. Of course, the bad connotations people… read more »

Friday miscellany

I really meant to blog more often this week. But if you subscribe to my monthly newsletter and my weekly newsletter (and listen to the podcast), that ups the content total a bit! Anyway, I spent Wednesday and Thursday in Atlanta, where I was speaking at the inaugural Leadercast Women conference. I did a different speech than I had given before, both because the… read more »

Podcast is live! Plus Monday miscellany

It's launch day! Best of Both Worlds, the podcast, is up on iTunes and available for a listen. With my co-host, Sarah Hart-Unger, I discuss work, family, and how to get more out of life. We currently have 3 episodes available; we're recording more today and they'll start coming out weekly after this. The first week of a podcast's life is critical for getting it n… read more »

Coming tomorrow — the Best of Both Worlds podcast!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was working on another project. I was a bit hush-hush about it, but now it has come to fruition, and should go live tomorrow (when I will share the official links). It's the Best of Both Worlds podcast! I teamed up with Sarah Hart-Unger, a physician, mom of two (soon to be three!), and one of my favorite bloggers, to talk work and fam… read more »

More links: Success podcast, plus come see me at the New York Public Library

I have spent seemingly my entire day on the phone with plumbers, people on various sides of an online financial transaction that will not go through, the dentist's office, a washing machine repair service, etc. On the plus side, I did give a speech this morning, and I went for a run, so the day hasn't been a total pit of energy-leaching personal to-dos. I want to s… read more »