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Podcast: Making life work, with emergency medicine physician Swati Singh

I forget where it was, but I recently heard a woman remark "Well, you see, my husband's a doctor." The implication was that she needed to be fully responsible for everything on the home front, and she couldn't pursue any sort of demanding career because, well, her husband was a doctor. Wasn't it obvious that this is the way things should work? As you can imagine,… read more »

Podcast discussion thread: Making time for community and volunteering

When I ask people what they'd like to spend more time doing, volunteering lands on the list almost as frequently as exercise and reading. People would like to contribute to their communities. They know they'd probably enjoy doing different activities, and maybe tapping different skills than they do during the work day. They'd like to meet friends and neigh… read more »

Podcast discussion thread: The great decluttering debate

Organized is not the same thing as tidy. I realized this, years ago, when I invited a prominent professional organizer into my home as part of writing 168 Hours. She looked at my various piles of stuff and then noted that we were not disorganized. We were, in her words, lazy. I am not sure lazy is the right word either, but I realized she was onto something. Organiz… read more »

Podcast discussion thread: Meredith Bodgas, Working Mother, tips and strategies

I am a long-time fan of Working Mother magazine. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you may recall that I did a series of "Sticky Situation" videos with them a few years ago. That training has come in handy for doing the Q&A segments of Best of Both Worlds. I also interviewed their former editor, Jennifer Owens, several times for different projec… read more »

Podcast discussion thread: On putting in the hours when the kids are little

This week I experienced the main segment of the podcast as a listener, and not a participant. Sarah interviewed Rebecca Fike, a lawyer, exercise enthusiast, blogger (LagLiv!), and mom of three. I was out of the country and not clear on how my internet access would be at the point when Fike could squeeze us onto her calendar. But since Sarah has been a longtime… read more »