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Redbook’s no-spend zone

May’s Redbook magazine has a financial package called “Redbook’s 30-day money cleanse.” Money guru Beth Kobliner gives 30 “tiny daily steps” to “shock you out of your financial rut.” While many of the tips are perfectly fine, the whole package reminded me of my beef with much personal finance literat… read more »

10 frugal hacks I like

Time and money are both limited resources, but time is more absolutely limited. You can, at least in theory, make more money. You cannot make more time. All you can do is use the time you do have better. That’s why I cast a skeptical eye at most frugal hacks. Many save you money…by using time. That seems like buying a fancy magnetic pole to fish a penny out o… read more »

The not-so-secret life of billionaires

I got a kick out of Kevin Roose’s feature in the New York Times on “Living Like a Billionaire, if Only For a Day.” The idea is that he would fly on a private jet, visit various private clubs, be chauffeured around and wear a nice watch. As he notes, we are “obsessed with the lives of the ultrarich.” Obsessed we may be, but I think we a… read more »

What would you do with $656 million?

Ok, I finally had to jump on the lotto bandwagon. The $656 million question is, of course, just a slightly more rooted question than the main premise of All the Money in the World. If you had all the money in the world, not literally, but all you wanted, what would you change about your life? I don’t think much would change in my personal life. I have this visi… read more »

ATM Book Club Week 4 (Chapter 3)

I’m hosting an informal book club on this blog devoted to All the Money in the World: What the Happiest People Know About Getting and Spending. Each week we discuss one chapter. You can join at any time; there are links to previous weeks at the bottom of this post. Chapter 3 is called “Rethink Retirement.” Being able to afford a secure retire… read more »