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Reader question: What if my spouse and I aren’t on the same page with time?

Recently I received a reader question from a gentleman who noted that he'd been implementing advice from my books. The one time challenge he was unable to overcome? His wife. "I like tracking my time, prioritizing getting to bed early, etc. My wife, on the other hand, prefers a much more relaxed approach to time." She was not interested in tracking time and "is… read more »

Podcast discussion thread: Marriage and resentment

Today's Best of Both Worlds episode covers the hot topic of marriage and resentment. A listener wrote in describing her family situation, which has some similarities to what Sarah and I both experience. Her husband works longer and less flexible hours than she does. She understands that, but she cares about her career too, and she occasionally feels like sh… read more »

Best of Both Worlds: Toward a 50-50 split, plus emotional labor

Today's episode of Best of Both Worlds covers the idea of moving toward a 50-50 split on the home front. A lot of housework can be outsourced, but someone still needs to manage it, and do the tasks that are not easily outsourced. Parents want to be deeply involved in their children's lives; they just also want their partners to be equally involved, since kids tak… read more »

Lobster, oysters, and 13 years

My husband and I got married on Sept. 4, 2004. Since the 13th anniversary isn't exactly a milestone one, we didn't plan anything huge, but we did manage to convince G (nanny) to stay overnight with our kids on Sunday night. We took off in the afternoon for Cape May, NJ, for a 24-hour adults-only trip. Not all went perfectly. For instance, I thought I had booked a ho… read more »

What to pick up when you drop the ball

Even as women make great strides in the workplace, many feel like they shoulder an unequal percentage of the work at home. And so, discussions on balancing work and life often turn to a lament on "how can I get my husband to do more?" Tiffany Dufu's new book, Drop the Ball, proposes another suggestion: you could try doing less. Lower your standards. Don't gate… read more »