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That summer seemed to last forever

Certain songs brilliantly conjure up a feeling of nostalgia for vast groups of people. Bryan Adams' Summer of '69 is one — the Baby Boomers were around 18-23 years old then, and we know that what happens during those years tends to imprint on the mind profoundly, because that is when people are figuring out their identities. He sings "That summer seemed to la… read more »

The summer fun list

June is the Friday night of summer. As with weekends, at the start they seem endless. Deep in, though, they feel fleeting. I want to make sure that my summers, like my weekends, feel full and good, and not like they have passed me by. We do plan vacations, which are great, but the smaller things that make summer feel like summer are harder to remember. So, every yea… read more »

Running for pleasure, or running to train

I have been traveling a lot lately, and Philadelphia has been rainy. This has been a problem because I need to do another long run or two before my scheduled half-marathon in mid-June. I looked at my schedule for today, while I have been in New York, and I realized I had an open slot in the afternoon. I could go to Central Park and run. It was a beautiful day, and so I di… read more »

Some days I do not want to run 10 miles

This headline is misleading. I would venture that most days I do not feel like running 10 miles. Most days I follow that urge! But Sunday was a tougher decision. I was registered to run the Broad Street 10-miler through Philadelphia. I have run the race twice before, and my times have been bad. In my defense: the first time I was 20 weeks pregnant. The second time I… read more »

Reader question: I am unhappy in my job. What should I do with my life?

Our reader question this week comes from a woman we will call Wanda. She works full-time for a smallish firm, managing HR (among other things). The job is incredibly flexible. She knows how to do it well and efficiently. Indeed, she has managed to work out an arrangement where she works from home two days a week, but she does not work much on those days. She does al… read more »