Some days require sundaes

On Tuesday, the fish died. She’d been around for a while, and then while attempting to go to the hardware store this weekend, my husband and kids got the idea to go to Petco and get new fish. Our old fish did not like the interlopers. Or they didn’t like her. Not sure. Either way, the old fish wound up dead. It all feels a bit murderous to me.
My doctor visit in the m… read more »

Stuff that enables an experience

In happiness literature, there’s a general distinction between “stuff” and “experiences.” Experiences tend to make us happier than things. The problem is that a lot of experiences are enabled by stuff. So the line isn’t always so clear.
A lot of the experiences my kids had this past weekend involved stuff that we actively chose to spend money o… read more »

Old laundry bags, frugality, and nice stuff

When should we splurge, and when should we save?
Money Saving Mom recently ran a guest post from Abby at Mother on a Mission about how she’d wanted to buy a nice laundry hamper years ago. But she realized it was a want, not a need, and she’s survived just fine with her husband’s old dorm-style laundry bag. It’s a standard frugal story, though as Abby answe… read more »

A happy summer list

I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting next week, so I don’t want blog visitors to keep seeing a post about my slightly-elevated stress level. Instead, here are some things I am currently happy about.
Frozen bananas. I’ve been making extremely thick smoothies (that I eat with a spoon) out of frozen bananas and frozen strawberries. I mix in a little bit o… read more »

Can we be friends?

I went out for a “mom’s night” dinner this week, and observed this: we talked about the kids a lot. That’s to be expected, except part of mom’s night is getting away from the kids, right? But it’s a huge topic. It’s what we have in common. So that’s where the conversation goes.
I was thinking of this scene when I read Christine Skoutelas’s post… read more »