The statement necklace, and love letters to life hacks beyond Amazon Prime

I wrote a love letter to Amazon Prime last week. Then they raised the yearly rate by $20. Oh well, I still think it’s a bargain. This week I’m writing a love letter to various other things in my life that make my life much easier.
Stitch Fix. I am now on Fix number 7 or something like that. I keep basically everything they send me. Would I have picked it al… read more »

How do you reward yourself?

Many a Tuesday night, I take myself out for sushi. It’s the night I usually work late, and I figure if I were in an office working late, my company might spring for dinner from somewhere. Indeed, when I worked at Fortune as an intern one summer, many an evening featured sushi delivered up to those of us figuring out the question of who the 40 richest people under a… read more »

How to keep the weekend to-do list from ruining your weekend

It’s one of the great dilemmas of time management. If you spend a lot of hours working during the week — particularly if that work requires you to be away from home — then weekends seem like a great time to get caught up on personal to-dos. The problem is that too many personal to-dos can make weekends feel as task-driven as the rest of the week. You&… read more »

The bits (and chunks) of joy list

A few of my favorite bloggers have been posting their “bits of joy” lists lately. The idea is thinking through a list of activities you love to do so that they are top of mind. When a spot of time opens up in your life, you can choose one of these things, rather than checking email or puttering around with the mail pile (unless you really love looking at catalogs… read more »

Glorious inefficiency

I have been accused, more than once, of arguing that people should pack something into every minute of the day. I fully own up to believing that most people can pack more into their lives than they think, or than they do. In 168 hours, there is certainly space for a full-time job, gobs of family time, exercise, sleep, and Homeland marathons. I also see a tendency t… read more »