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Do flexible schedules lead to loneliness?

Thanks to alert readers who sent me a recent New York Times article by Cristobal Young called “You don’t need more free time.” The thesis, based on time diaries, is that leisure time is a network good. It is most enjoyed when it is experienced at the same time as other people. Young implied that this had negative implications for flexible schedules. Whil… read more »

What worked in 2015

I already did an update on my major quarterly goals for 2015. I hit most of them. The ones I didn’t hit I’ve mostly decided not to care about except for the new non-fiction book idea. This one is going to haunt me. And it will become my top goal for Q1 of 2016. Anyway, following the suggestion of Katherine, who was following the suggestion of Modern Mrs. Darcy, I… read more »

The discipline of joy

As I look back on it, yesterday had a number of good things going on. While the baby had been up in the night, I was then able to sleep until about 7:30 a.m. I waited for the bus with the boys in the unseasonably warm morning. I brought my daughter to a playdate (which she was very excited about), then turned in the articles that needed to get done before the holidays. I… read more »

How we did on the Christmas fun list

Granted, it is not yet Christmas. But as we are nearing the finish line, I thought I'd give an update on our holiday festivities. December has not been a particularly easy month. I feel like I have been sick for most of it. There was the post-Thanksgiving stomach bug, with a week of reprieve, but then I came down with a cold that I am still battling. Consequently, I… read more »

Crossing an item off the summer bucket list, never mind the snow

I was in Chicago this week speaking at the Executive Women in Agriculture conference. It was a good group of women, and they were very pleasant to me, even though I was all that was standing between them and hearing from Chris Soules, farm dude star of The Bachelor. Anyway, Chicago got its first snow this week, and was quite cold off the lake, but it’s pretty thi… read more »