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Reader question: How do you switch from work mode to personal mode?

Today’s reader question comes from a graduate student who has young children. She writes that “You seem to have a great handle on mentally switching from on to off to on, and you also work a lot, are extremely productive and have an ongoing list of projects that you could (should?) be working on at any given moment.” So, she asks, “For people who have ‘… read more »

5 strategies for surviving survival mode

We made it through another week around here. The temperatures are in the single digits and the heater broke (it just got fixed – phew!). The baby is in peak fussy time (5 weeks). Everyone has colds. We had a snow day on Tuesday. My husband was traveling. It has dawned on me that I have another book coming out in 3.5 months. There have been low moments, like the… read more »

What’s getting me through winter

Groundhog’s Day is a winter milestone. We have made it this far. Even if spring is six weeks away, it’s only six weeks, right? Modern Mrs. Darcy used the occasion of yesterday’s holiday to blog about “what’s saving my life right now.” Winter doldrums make it easy to complain. But we can focus on the good instead, and not just the obvious biggie… read more »

Is it better than driving a taxi?

Every list has its charm and idiocy, and the US News annual list of the 100 best jobs is no exception. The list attempts to rank jobs according to some mix of demand, salary, and satisfaction. Hence nursing or being a physician’s assistant score very high, whereas writing does not. Indeed, while being a receptionist or a taxi driver make the list, becoming a w… read more »

12 days to a happier, more productive you

Laura’s note: This post reached newsletter subscribers as this year’s December missive. Since the 12 days of Christmas start tomorrow, I thought I’d re-post. Hope everyone is enjoying at least a little down time with family today. 12 Days To A Happier, More Productive You I have never received two turtle doves or a partridge in a pear tre… read more »