A happy summer list

I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting next week, so I don’t want blog visitors to keep seeing a post about my slightly-elevated stress level. Instead, here are some things I am currently happy about.
Frozen bananas. I’ve been making extremely thick smoothies (that I eat with a spoon) out of frozen bananas and frozen strawberries. I mix in a little bit o… read more »

Can we be friends?

I went out for a “mom’s night” dinner this week, and observed this: we talked about the kids a lot. That’s to be expected, except part of mom’s night is getting away from the kids, right? But it’s a huge topic. It’s what we have in common. So that’s where the conversation goes.
I was thinking of this scene when I read Christine Skoutelas’s post… read more »

100 bottles of wine on the wall

I’ve had a few work hard/play hard weeks of late. I’m cranking away on Mosaic, and giving a lot of speeches. We’ve also had and will have a lot of vacations crammed into the months from mid-April to July 4. (If you missed my Tulip Time spring break post, you can read it here).
This past weekend I went with my husband’s 3 siblings and their spouses to Napa and… read more »

The anti-whine: What we love about life

There is something about modern life that seems to inspire the Complaint Olympics. Work is crazy, the kids are naughty, I didn’t get enough sleep… and so forth. It’s getting to the point that, over at Motherlode, someone posted a comment asking for a discussion about why parents complain so much. KJ responded with a thread called “… read more »

Silent auction goodies, gratuitous flower photos, and a different approach to leisure

We no longer spend sun-up to sun-down milking cows, harvesting hay, and scrubbing our laundry on washboards. Studies show modern Americans — even parents — do have leisure time. But one reason we feel we don’t have leisure time is that it often comes in little chunks of “time confetti” in Brigid Schulte’s phrase — a few minutes sp… read more »