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Guest post: Finding time for stories

Laura's note: Today we welcome Callie Feyen to the blog. Callie is a novelist, educator, and parent. She writes about what she learned from tracking time. Her new book, The Teacher Diaries: Romeo and Juliet, is out today so please go check that out. by Callie Feyen My first planner was a slim, brown, Northwestern University 1989-1990 calendar that my dad brou… read more »

Thoughts from the season’s last wrestling meet

I am writing this from the hall outside the local high school's gym, where my 8-year-old has been wrestling all morning. This has been a frustrating season in many ways, though it has made me admire my son in new ways too. Wrestling is an extremely vulnerable sport. It is just you and your opponent on the mat, engaged in hand-to-hand combat. If you lose, it is you w… read more »

Learning to love winter

A little over two years ago, I pitched a piece to Fast Company on ways to stay happy during winter. I intended to give advice such as "listen to music" and "exercise." Then I happened upon the work of a young researcher who visited the far north of Norway to write about the (relative) lack of seasonal affective disorder. She learned that inhabitants of the far nor… read more »

Podcast discussion thread: Make new friends, but keep the old…

There are several versions of a "dilemma" circulating in social media: Work, family, friends — pick two! Or sometimes we get work, family, friends, exercise, sleep — pick three! The idea is that during the busy years when you are building a career and raising children, many other parts of life can fall by the wayside. What these "dilemmas" are highlighti… read more »

Year in review: What worked, and how I did on my 2017 quarterly goals

This has not been a relaxing holiday break. I knew it wouldn't be, one way or the other. We were all supposed to go to Colorado to ski. I never really learned to ski. So I was going to be in our rental caring for the 2-year-old all day. For this privilege, I was going to need to fly with said 2-year-old for multiple hours, and deal with the time change, and him not being i… read more »