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Repost: 5 reasons I’m not simplifying Christmas this year (updated)

(Laura’s note: A version of this post ran in November, 2012, and remains an audience favorite. Since 2012 feels like a lifetime ago, I’ve updated it a fair chunk, but the gist remains the same.) It’s that time of year again — time for a round of blog posts, ebooks and magazine articles on how to simplify Christmas. “Simple” is a powerful word in our c… read more »

How to really stay happy when the days are getting dark and cold

Over at Fast Company, I have a post up on “The Norwegian Secret To Enjoying A Long Winter.” I had originally planned to write a piece on how to stay happy when it’s getting dark and cold, and give standard advice like get some exercise, go outside at lunch, listen to upbeat music, etc. But then I came across research from Kari Leibowitz. She sp… read more »

Those little administrative tasks that eat your time (or do they?)

Were I not tracking my time, my story of yesterday would go like this: I did almost no real work. Instead, household administrative tasks ate my time. I addressed and stamped 20 kid thank you notes (I still have 6 to go, but the elementary school directory hasn’t come out yet, and these are kindergarten families, so last year’s isn’t helpful). I also spen… read more »

Make the trip

I was speaking in Grand Rapids, Michigan this week. I have family in the area, and so I elected to stay an extra night so I could see them. My parents came to meet me right after the second talk of the day, and we drove 90 miles up 131 to Cadillac, Michigan to see my 100-year-old grandmother. I should note that this longevity (doesn’t she look amazing?) is not a… read more »

Ode to a hotel room

Business travel can be tough, but it has one major upside. At home, the baby is always up earlier than I’d like. Some nights he does better than others, but there’s no guarantee he’ll sleep through the night. As the lactating parent (which, honestly, is what the baby wants) I tend to be the one experiencing this middle-of-the-night and wee… read more »