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How to be productive over the holidays (if you are home with the kids)

In the usual narrative, work is stressful and holidays are relaxing. Therefore, attempting to be "productive" over the holidays is missing the whole point. However, I know many of my readers are parents of small children. These small children do not disappear over the holidays. In fact, they are generally out of their usual schedules of school or daycare. T… read more »

Update on the pet question and Christmas

Thanks to everyone who offered their advice on pets. It was helpful, as was a Real Simple magazine article in the January issue on what pet is right for you. The answer? The only pet that is right for us is a fish. And frankly, possibly not even that given the toddler's destruction of their habitat last week. The conversation with my 9-year-old went better than ex… read more »

What fits in bits of time

This was a relatively short weekend, as Sunday was officially a work day for me (well, sort of — more on that below). Friday my husband and I went to his office Christmas party. The toddler, mercifully, continued a streak of sleeping past 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. I celebrated by making star-shaped pancakes, per a request from the 5-year-old. Even with… read more »

Quick dispatch from California

I've been in California this week for Fortune's Most Powerful Women Next Gen conference. An offshoot from the grown-up Most Powerful Women conference, this one is for people in their 30s and early 40s. I spoke about productivity and have been enjoying participating in everything. Some fun stuff: A dinner featuring 8 top female chefs, each creating small… read more »

An expensive T-shirt, but cheap coats

After the painful ordeal of running a half-marathon in 84 degree heat in June, I had decided to take a time-out on races. While I like to run, and like to run long, the hassle of driving somewhere, parking, waiting at the start, and then dealing with race conditions, did not hold much appeal for me anymore. But then, a few weeks ago, I saw that the Philly half-marat… read more »