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Productivity for spontaneous sorts

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing time makeovers for a number of readers. Last week, we looked at Lisa Lane, who’d taken on a second job during tax season. Today’s subject is Jamaal Myles. He’s a project manager at a large IT company. He’s starting a company on the side, likes to work out, is married, and is a leader of a church congregation. He ha… read more »

So you want to run a home-based business…

I’m speaking in a few months to a group of women who are in the early stages of starting home-based businesses. Having been self-employed for years, I am a huge fan of the micro-business revolution, and of course, I’m familiar with the evidence that an hour spent commuting will probably be the most miserable hour of your day. So yay, working at home. But in o… read more »

Innovation and food trucks

I interviewed Matt Candler, the head of a design lab called 4.0 Schools, last week. This design lab is focused on education innovation, be it new schools, new technology, new operational efficiencies, etc. Two decades into the charter school movement, many people who think about education innovation have the goal of opening a new school. It makes sense: ch… read more »

Money and morality tales

Years ago, the authors of The Millionaire Next Door made a splash with what should be an obvious point: being a millionaire amounts to having a certain net worth. Since most consumer goods are not actually appreciating assets, having a high net worth requires spending less than one makes on consumer goods. The difference between what one earns and one spends… read more »

The frictionless labor market

There are two labor markets: the W-2 one, and the 1099 one. W-2s are the tax forms you get if you’re on someone’s payroll. 1099s list “miscellaneous income” -- often payment for freelance gigs. These days, the latter market seems to be growing. As part of the analysis surrounding last Friday’s unemployment statistics, the Wall Street Journal rep… read more »