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When you need a change of scenery

I work late roughly one night a week. When I do, I go to the library. The easiest option is just to go to my local branch, which is only half a mile away, though it’s fairly small, and it isn’t open until 9 every night.  On the nights it’s not open, or if I’m looking to be around people other than the librarians, I go to a bigger branch that’s about 10 minutes… read more »

Variety is the spice of work

Whenever people ask how to make a living as a writer, veterans in the field tend to offer this tip: specialize. You become known for a topic, which means that you have ready access to all publications covering that topic, and you also know who are the right sources and what’s the most current research. That means that each piece takes less time to write. Especi… read more »

My business model — and my identity

This is a completely naval gazing post. Then again, isn’t that what a blog is for? I’ve been spending a bit of time over the last few months pondering my business model and my professional identity. In any business built on a personal brand -- and writing fits that model -- you hit a certain threshold point. What I am selling is myself: my ideas, my writing. Bu… read more »

Building a successful career — is it possible without childcare?

Laura’s note: This week, I’m answering some of my Frequently Asked Questions -- questions that I often hear from readers. As I email my answers, I sometimes think, hey, that would make a reasonable blog post! So here we go. If you have a question to add to the series, please email me at lvanderkam at yahoo dot com. Q. I’m thinking of starting a freelance/wo… read more »

Time makeover: From SAHM to WAHM

Back in January, I put out a call for reader time logs. Tiffany King responded and shared a bit of her life with me. She’s a mom of 4 kids, who she’s homeschooled. The oldest two are now in college. The youngest two were -- in January when we first corresponded -- 10 and 14. For years, she’s identified herself primarily as a stay-at-home mom (SAHM in internet… read more »