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Reflections on TED, one year later

One of my highlights of 2016 was speaking at the TEDWomen conference in San Francisco. I spoke in October, and the conference itself was fascinating, if a bit surreal. It was a major event -- dinners, performing groups, gift bags, a big audience plus a simulcast lounge, plus hundreds of other TEDx conferences going on at the same time -- and yet the speakers kne… read more »

My 2015 List of 100 Dreams

In 168 Hours, I recommended creating something called a “List of 100 Dreams.” This exercise, which was shared with me by career coach Caroline Ceniza-Levine, is a completely unedited list of anything you might want to do or have more of in life. It’s like a bucket list, but most people don’t get all the way to 100 when creating a bucket list. The point is… read more »

My 168 hours, right now

I kept a time log over the past week: April 20-April 26. Even though I’ve kept many time logs over the years, I find I always learn something new, and when life circumstances change, a time log can help me see what I’m doing well and what I’m not. The major thing I learned? I’m not working as much as I think I should be. I worked a little over 40 hours, but I had t… read more »

Any Westchester readers? Workshop in Hastings-on-Hudson tonight

Do you live in the 'burbs north of NYC? Are you looking to squeeze some professional education into your schedule tonight, March 26? I'm doing a hands-on workshop on time management and productivity at the Purple Crayon Center in Hastings-on-Hudson starting at 7 p.m. (there will be a few munchies beforehand, I'm told). It's convenient to the Metro North tra… read more »

My week: The highs, the lows

I logged my time again last week again. I could make an argument that it wasn’t typical in the sense that I didn’t work Monday (our nanny was on vacation). But long-time readers will not be surprised to learn that, despite the day “off,” I still worked...wait for it...49.5 hours. In other words, despite the week being atypical, my work total fell withi… read more »