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Year in review: What worked, and how I did on my 2017 quarterly goals

This has not been a relaxing holiday break. I knew it wouldn't be, one way or the other. We were all supposed to go to Colorado to ski. I never really learned to ski. So I was going to be in our rental caring for the 2-year-old all day. For this privilege, I was going to need to fly with said 2-year-old for multiple hours, and deal with the time change, and him not being i… read more »

Podcast discussion: New Years Resolutions with special guest Gretchen Rubin

Just a quick post about this week's podcast (which I listened to on the treadmill - it does make the miles go faster!). Sarah and I were thrilled to interview Gretchen Rubin, author of The Four Tendencies, and The Happiness Project, about resolutions and goals, and how people of all different personality types can make changes for the better. Among the episod… read more »

Merry Christmas! Here’s how we did on the 2017 holiday fun list

We tore through the presents by about 9 a.m. this morning, so it's been kind of a long Christmas day. At least there were new presents to play with. And fight over. But I digress! Since it's Christmas, I thought I'd go ahead and post a re-cap on the 2017 holiday fun list. Back in November, I observed my annual tradition of creating a list of activities that would hel… read more »

Streak: What I learned from running every day for a year

I have run at least a mile every day since December 24, 2016. I have long been fascinated by streaks — when people do something daily for a really long time — and so I decided to try one myself. Running seemed like a good choice because I enjoy it, and I was already doing it 5 days a week. A commitment to run daily would just mean adding another 2 runs per week — pos… read more »

My year of making time to read (plus a most memorable books list)

As I write this on December 20, I have read 134 books since January 1. Some have been short (Ann Patchett's Getaway Car). Others have been epic (1Q84). In any case, I read a lot in 2017. I haven't added up my time log totals, but if each book took 4 hours to read, that would be 536 hours devoted to books alone. The first year I tracked I read for 327 hours, which includes… read more »