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My 2017 quarterly goals (and how I did on my quarterly goals in 2016)

In two decades of writing, I suspect I have written at least 20 New Year's timed stories on how to set better goals. I follow some of the better advice I've heard from experts. For instance, I try to make goals specific and measurable. I set them in multiple categories (career, relationships, self). And after hearing this brilliant tip from Angela Jia Kim, I now… read more »

How we did on the holiday fun list

New Year's Day is rapidly approaching, which means it's time to look back on my 2016 holiday fun list. This is the list I make annually of activities that make the season feel festive. So how did we do? Very well, for the most part! Here's how it all sorted out. The literary Advent calendar. The kids opened all 23 books. I'll admit that we lost a bit of steam in the m… read more »

The rhythm of holiday break

We have a houseful of cousins right now, and the kids are in heaven. The adults are doing a lot of crowd management, but we are getting into a rhythm that makes the days doable. For instance, yesterday, we got everyone to the Franklin Institute in the morning. We came home for lunch (and my toddler fell asleep in the car as usual). We fed the kids, then I went for a r… read more »

NYC trip

Thursday was probably my last full workday of the year. I started off with a stop at the NBC 10 studios in suburban Philly, where I taped a segment with the wonderful Tracy Davidson on how to spend time better in the new year. It should air on New Year's Day. Then, though I had packed my bags, I decided I had enough time to drive home and see the boys off on the bus. I took… read more »

Invest in your happiness (or perkiness)

I am by and large, a cheap person. I prefer the term "frugal", but sometimes we need to call it like it is. Nowhere is this more evident than in my bra selection. I am pretty sure my last major bra purchase happened when I gave birth to my now-9.5-year-old son, and I needed a bunch of nursing bras. When I weaned him, I went back into the bras I'd owned prior. Repeat the c… read more »