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Time and memory

One of the biggest perks of speaking at TED Women was getting to hear the other speakers. One of the most fascinating for me -- given what I write about -- was NYU memory researcher Lila Davachi. She spoke about how the brain perceives time in the past. Time goes slower, she noted, when there are lots of memories created. When people say they want more time, they ge… read more »

The TED experience

So it has been quite a day. I did not make it through the whole thing to the bitter end -- so, alas, I only got to hear Taylor Dayne sing once today. But anyway, my TED talk went great! I was up early to be to hair and make-up by 6:45. After getting my full-on fake eyelashes (supposedly they look good on camera) I got my oh-so-TED face microphone, and then went on stage as… read more »

Greetings from San Francisco

I'm in San Francisco this week to speak at TED Women. The actual talk is tomorrow, but I was able to practice on stage today, which was pretty fun. It will be more fun tomorrow with a big audience, because part of speaking is feeding off the energy in a room. I'm looking forward to it. One of my favorite parts of traveling to the West Coast is the time change (seriousl… read more »

Passing the 18 month mark

In April of 2015, I decided to start tracking my time continuously. You can read my account of the first year in this essay. One question I got asked a lot after that was whether I was going to keep going, and the answer is yes! I have just passed the 18 month mark. It certainly feels like a habit. I have developed methods for doing it without compromising life too muc… read more »

Travel with big kids

We just got back from a long weekend vacation in Orlando. Most of the time was spent at various Disney places, with one stop at Universal Studios. We decided not to take the toddler for various reasons. He wouldn't remember it, and his presence would have made the entire trip a lot more complicated. So it was just my husband and me and the three older kids, now 9, 7,… read more »