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That sense of being on the clock, and how to escape the ticking

When I give workshops, I like to have a few participants keep track of their time for a week beforehand. I find these time logs give me a good sense of what people in the audience care about. We talk about challenges and strategies, and people can learn from each other. Some issues are unique to industries, but some keep popping up again and again. One I saw a lot in m… read more »

Gym on Weekends – Working Mother Sticky Situations Videos

Back in April, I recorded several videos with Working Mother magazine about the “sticky situations” working parents face. I was sharing them for a while, then the website crashed. Now it is time to continue sharing them! This particular sticky situation - You like to go to the gym on weekends, but that is also time to spend with kids! So what do you do? Her… read more »

Going somewhere, feeling productive

It has been years since I worked in an office. My “commute” consists of going downstairs, starting the coffee, then sitting at my desk. Given how many time logs I see where people spend vast hours of their days simply getting to and from work, I know this is a wonderful thing. That said, I do go into Philadelphia or NYC for meetings or events probably once a wee… read more »

Running a business during naptime

I am now, finally, back at my desk for a full day of work. The past week has been about making do. I can make do quite well. However, it has also been a reminder of why I really prefer not to. P (nanny) had a family emergency that brought her to South Carolina last week. Then we got snowed in and she could not get on a flight until yesterday evening. The kids were out of sch… read more »

Zuckerberg, parent-in-chief, and other links

I would write a new post, but I am still making do on the childcare front. It is naptime and I have a long list of things that must happen before I hear "ma-ma" over the monitor. At least my 3 big kids had school today (if two hours delayed for the boys). All told, I had a grand total of 1 hour and 20 minutes with just one child before we had to get the 4-year-old. We went to t… read more »