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A Thousand Gifts

  Years ago -- two decades ago, really -- I read Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. I thrilled to the descriptive language (“my twisted summer sleep still hung about me like sea kelp”), and the way she wrote in verbs (“sharks that roiled and heaved” or “grace tangled in a rapture with violence.”) I recently picked the book up again, a… read more »

Random mid-week musings

Time for another post of random and slightly self-congratulatory stuff. I finished a rough draft of Mosaic last night. It needs a lot of work, but at least now I can see where the holes are. I’m quite proud of myself for writing 60,000 words in the last 2 months. Here’s how I celebrated this milestone today: I wrote two Fast Company posts for next week (I’ll… read more »

My mom (gratuitously cute kid stuff)

So the 7-year-old had to draw and write about someone he admires for homework today. Without my prompting this, he decided that he wanted to draw and write about me. Here are his answers: This is a picture of: My mom This person is important because: She loves me Something I admire about this person is: She makes me pizza and she's an author I guess that covers all t… read more »

Memorial Day weekend: highs and lows

It seems like much time has passed since Friday night. After quitting time, my husband and daughter went to get their hair cut, and then I took the 2 boys to meet them at a restaurant near our house. We sat outside, which was exciting when it started raining. We stayed dry but the waitress (who was a good sport about it) did not. Fortunately, that was the last of the b… read more »

What I’m working on now

Every Friday afternoon, I try to think through what I'm doing during the next week. It makes me feel more prepared, which helps me enjoy the weekend more. And since it's a long weekend, that's extra important! I'm working on a few pieces for Fast Company that I'd love ideas for (examples, sources, etc.). How to make fewer decisions. Decision fatigue is real. Pr… read more »