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DITL: Some days are better than others

I always enjoy seeing day-in-the-life posts on other people’s blogs, so I thought I’d share one of mine again. Monday was by no means a “typical” day, but there aren’t any typical days. Some days I am more productive than others. Monday had some serious flaws in it, like attempting to get to New York and not making it, though I managed to do a few fun thi… read more »

Good advice from bad people

Hypocrisy is a never-ending font of fun. And the truth is, many terrible people have given excellent advice at various points in their lives. Whether they follow that advice, or have followed it in creepy ways, is a different matter, but hey. Such is the basis of Zac Bissonnette’s new book, Good Advice From Bad People: Selected Wisdom from Murderers, Stock… read more »

What does it mean to stay home?

The Pew Research Center came out with a report a few weeks ago on stay at home moms in America. The headline out of the report was that the proportion of stay-at-home mothers was rising, to 29 percent of all women with kids. Perhaps this conjures up an image of women chucking their briefcases for hearth and home, but deeper within the report were some more interes… read more »

Google Maps, traffic, and estimating time

I find the subject of how people use time fascinating -- and particularly the sub-topic of how people estimate time. The gist is that it’s more complicated than it seems. On Tuesday, I drove from my home outside Philadelphia to Tyson’s Corner, VA to give a lunch time speech. This is a 153 mile trip, and in perfect conditions, should take 2 hours and 33 minute… read more »

Silent auction goodies, gratuitous flower photos, and a different approach to leisure

We no longer spend sun-up to sun-down milking cows, harvesting hay, and scrubbing our laundry on washboards. Studies show modern Americans -- even parents -- do have leisure time. But one reason we feel we don’t have leisure time is that it often comes in little chunks of “time confetti” in Brigid Schulte’s phrase -- a few minutes spent gazing upon th… read more »