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Doing what you love is not always a completely awful financial strategy

There’s been a lot written lately about the danger of doing what you love (“DWYL”). Miya Tokumitsu floated the anti-DWYL thesis in Slate in January, noting that DWYL’s “real achievement is making workers believe their labor serves the self and not the marketplace.” DailyWorth picked up on the piece in an essay called “Why Doing What You Love… read more »

My not-so-positive time management trait

Yesterday, two events had me mulling my own time management skills. 1. Fast Company published a piece I wrote on “How To Manufacture More Time In Your Day,” which covers the skill of time estimation. I interviewed several project management experts on how one learns to figure out how long things actually take. 2. I had budgeted much of the day for editing a… read more »

A glimpse of spring, and the big kid life

We’ve had a lot of snow and ice this winter. As I’m writing this, more is headed for the Philly area. But this past weekend was glorious for February, with highs in the 50s and a fair amount of sunshine both days. It was a brief glimpse of the spring weather that should be upon us within the next few weeks. In theory, the daffodils will be up within the month. I hop… read more »

Who really works from home, or not from home, as the case may be

There’s a certain narrative surrounding “telecommuting” that goes like this: moms who want a better work-life balance -- which is code for “want to work less” -- negotiate to work from home. Given that it’s a negotiation, the prevailing wisdom is that they should give up something: pay, prestige, advancement opportunities, etc. They also ne… read more »

Friday links

We've got 50 degree weather here in suburban PA today, so the snow is melting at a rapid clip. I even saw bare ground yesterday! Granted, it was in a direct sunlight spot that was also near some trees (so the snow hadn't fallen as think) but still. Progress! It may snow next week but we'll deal with that when it happens. I was able to run outside for the first time in ag… read more »