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Why it’s good to be in charge

Back during the whole Marissa-Mayer-is-pregnant dust-up this summer, I mentioned that being the CEO is actually a great job for the mom of small kids. If you're late to a 9 a.m. meeting, people will wait for you. If you don't want to work from 5:30-8 p.m., people will take your calls at 8:30. They fly to see you. Such accommodation means that you're less stressed… read more »

Making it, or not, on $460 per week

I read a lot of personal finance blogs, and one of the most interesting discussions in the past few weeks was over at Money Saving Mom. Crystal posted a letter from a woman whose husband was earning $460/week as a youth pastor. They had three kids and another baby on the way. The woman said "We want to save and budget better but don’t know how to on such a small amou… read more »

Space for spontaneity

One of the reasons I like planning a few “anchor” events for my weekend is that I find a few plans still leave plenty of space for spontaneity -- but without the mental sludge of worrying the weekend will be wasted (or spending my precious weekend time making plans). My main anchor event this weekend was going apple picking with the kids at an orchard near my b… read more »

One at a time

Thursday night is trash night in my neck of the woods. We hauled our cans to the top of the driveway and, as we do every other week when it’s also recycling night, we hauled a few cardboard boxes up too. We moved in June of 2011, and probably had close to a hundred boxes of stuff. We also ordered a lot of furniture and accessories that came in boxes. The empty boxes al… read more »

Lifestyle magazine

I'm not sure the exact date this aired (possibly Sept 13 on TBN?) but Lifestyle Magazine featured me in this interview on 168 Hours (from 2 years ago!) called "Time and Money in Marriage." Click this link to watch.… read more »