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Making the most of long mornings

It's about 9:20 a.m. on the east coast, and I've been up since 5:20. Not on purpose. While I love summer, the early rising sun means early rising kids, and my 8-month-old has been greeting the dawn on a regular basis lately. On Thursday mornings, the older two need to be at pre-school by 9 a.m., which means we need to be in the car at 8:45/8:50. So that's a 3.5 hour blo… read more »

Jillian Michaels learns that parenting isn’t for sissies

Jillian Michaels -- the fitness guru who made her name on The Biggest Loser -- has recently entered a new stage of life. She adopted a 2-year-old from Haiti right around the same time her partner gave birth to a baby boy. So she's gone quite suddenly from a no-kid home to total kid chaos. And, according to an interview in People (which I learned about from Lisa Belk… read more »

J.C. Penney, coupons and human nature

I’ve never shopped much at J.C. Penney. They seem to have a store in most mid-tier malls, but there’s not anything distinctive about them -- a reason to shop there when you can buy anything under the sun online. So I was intrigued to learn a few months ago that retailing guru Ron Johnson (of the Apple stores) was taking over the CEO job. How would he differenti… read more »

On Career Coach Caroline radio today, 5:30 eastern

If you're still at your desk at 5:30... catch me on Caroline Dowd-Higgins' radio show, Career Coach Caroline (That link goes to the streaming internet broadcast, or just copy and paste this: You can call into the show to ask your questions on the air. The call-in number during the show is 248 -545-7685. Also live on KJ… read more »

Savoring summer

There's something so sweet about Memorial Day weekend. Summer is fresh and young. The days are still getting longer; any nip in the night air is just a reminder of the winter that is now safely past.  The trees are full and thick, but still tinged with light green new growth. The roses are out. So is the honeysuckle. The world is full of flowers and possibilities… read more »