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ATM Book Club Week 9 (Chapter 8)

I'm running an informal book club devoted to All the Money in the World here on the blog. You can start at any time; there are links to past weeks' discussions at the bottom of this post. Chapter 8 is called "The Selfish Joy of Giving." Broadly, it looks at the intersection of philanthropy and happiness, and specifically gets at the topic through the lens of micro… read more »

Disney World, math, and line logistics

(Cross-posted at Gifted Exchange) I'm recently back from a week-long vacation at Disney World with my three small children. It was a lot of fun (if not exactly relaxing). My inner geek was on display, though, as I kept pondering the logistics of line management. Disney has huge crowds for the popular rides. In a keen bit of psychological insight, Disney under… read more »

Is parenthood a job?

Every year in time for Mother’s Day, produces a figure showing how much you’d have to pay for the job of “mom.” The answer is always in the six-figures for stay-at-home moms. It is based on mothers’ estimates of how much time they spend doing various tasks, which -- like all time-use estimates -- tend to be higher than what time-use studie… read more »


In the fall of 2008, my husband and I spent a little over a week in India. One of our adventures involved staying near a major tiger preserve, and going out on Jeep drives with a guide to try to see tigers in the wild. Since lots of people want to do this, and wild tigers are a bit skittish, the park tries to control entry. So a limited number of rides go in, and you draw lo… read more »

ATM Book Club Week 8 (Chapter 7)

I'm running an informal book club devoted to All the Money in the World here on the blog. You can join at any time; there are links to previous weeks at the bottom of the post. Chapter 7 is called "The Chicken Mystique." I think the idea for this chapter had been brewing in my head since I read Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle a few years ago (I reread… read more »