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Tithing and Happiness

In All The Money In The World (yes, that link goes to a placeholder website for the book!) I talk about how best to give money away. Some research has found that spending money on other people -- either in the form of gifts or charity -- is one of the easiest ways to buy happiness. While this doesn't make intuitive sense (why would buying a DVD for someone else make yo… read more »

The Martyrdom Complex

I decided to subscribe to Working Mother magazine recently. While I was at the website ordering the subscription, I came across an interesting poll (it is currently up on the right side of that page, though it could switch soon). The question was "When was your last 'Me-time?'" The answer choices were yesterday, today, last week, last month, and can't reme… read more »

Being Confronted With Our Errors

As I've mentioned once or twice here before, I'm writing a feature piece for City Journal on the Khan Academy. These online video lectures cover various math and science topics, and the math problem sets on the site encourage individually-paced, sequential-learning to mastery. Anyway, the videos are interesting, but they've also sparked some interesti… read more »

15 Minutes Outside

I've been paging through Rebecca P. Cohen's new book, 15 Minutes Outside: 365 ways to get out of the house and connect with your kids. There is plenty of research finding that getting outdoors can boost one's mood, and kids who spend time outdoors are highly likely to get more physical activity than those who don't. So those are two big reasons to get out there. O… read more »

When You're Running Late

One of the downsides of writing a book on time management is that people expect you to be on time for things. Usually I am. I think through how much time I need to do something based on how long it has actually taken in the past, as opposed to how long it took under perfect circumstances. Fact: there will always be traffic on Friday nights at rush hour. Traveling take… read more »