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Idea Files: Worth It Or No?

I've been trying to declutter a few areas of my house lately. While doing so, I've come across a handful of old "idea files." It always seems like a good idea to start one. At previous points in my life, I've been responsible for coming up with 8-10 short article ideas a month for Reader's Digest's Only in America section, and now I'm brainstorming 6 blog posts a we… read more »

No, You Don't Have To Track Your Time Forever

Over at the Urban Muse Writer, Susan Johnston reviewed 168 Hours. It's a great review, and I'm really thrilled with it, but one thing I noticed was that in the comments a few people said that the idea of tracking their time made them want to poke their eyes out. You know what?  I agree. Just in case anyone wonders, I have not been keeping a running tally of the last… read more »

The Portfolio Mindset

A publisher sent me a book on resume writing the other day. As I was paging through it, I realized something: it's been years since I've sent anyone a resume. During that time, a dozen clients have come and gone, but no one asks for a chronological list of my work history. Which is good, because I don't really have a work history, per se. Instead, people generally r… read more »

How Much House Can You Afford?

One of the issues I'm tackling in Plenty is the usual calculators on how much house people can afford. By how much I mean how many dollars, not how much square footage (I've been reading Sarah Susanka's Not So Big House series lately, and interviewed her thanks to my blog readers' recommendations ... something I will cover in the near future). I think many of the… read more »

Round-Up: Spousonomics, Simple Dollar and Your Minimum Wage

Lots of reading material this week! First, over at the Spousonomics blog (the website of the book by Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson), I'm featured as part of the Writers in Love series. Paula calls 168 Hours "the most motivational book I've ever read" (awww....). In the interview, I talk about how my husband I make time for each other (sometimes) and split t… read more »