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The Pros And Cons Of a Spending Log

As I've been writing The Book Currently Known As Plenty, I've read a shelf full of other personal finance literature. One tip which surfaces frequently is to keep a spending log. I understand the appeal -- after all, 168 Hours really pushes the idea of keeping a time log -- but I have to admit I'm not entirely sold. I suppose it might be interesting, but I also susp… read more »

Sunday Night Blues?

It's a fairly common phenomenon: somewhere around mid-day Sunday, people who aren't blissfully happy with their Monday routines start to feel a twinge of anxiety. The brain is a tricky creature. The anxiety takes over and makes you feel like you're getting into work mode, even though it's still  the weekend. This happens to students and people with 9-5 ty… read more »

Friday Round-Up: The Self-Help Sham

Over at BNET this week, I have two posts. The first is called 5 Things To Do With 5 Minutes (Other Than Read This Post). It introduces the concept of using bits of time for bits of joy, and has a few links to fun things to do at the office with 5 minutes before a meeting, like look at online art galleries, or read poetry. The "other than read this post" part is a bit tongue… read more »

The Money Book Outline

For the past 8 weeks or so I have been deep in the weeds on writing a draft of the money book. I approach book projects different ways, but for this particular one, I decided to write very rough drafts of chapters first. I anticipate being done with these drafts in another week or so, and then the real work of editing will begin. I find it is much easier to shape and thi… read more »

The Importance of Feedback

My choir, the Young New Yorkers' Chorus, is traveling to Chicago in a few weeks to sing in the American Choral Directors Association conference. It's considered a big deal in the choral world, and of course we want to bring our A game. So last night at rehearsal, our director taped us singing all our numbers, and the recordings were waiting in our inboxes this AM… read more »