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Cleaning out my closets

I have spent several hours over the past few weeks on something that is definitely not a core competency: cleaning out my closets. While I know from The Happiness Project that this is supposed to improve my mood, I didn't undertake this particular chore for that reason. Rather, our landlord (our next door neighbor) seems to have assumed that we planned to move… read more »

Is college worth less because students study less?

(cross-posted at Gifted Exchange) A generation ago, a college degree was the ticket to a comfortable, upper-middle class existence. We believe, as a society, that more education means more income, and in general this is still true. The unemployment rate for college educated people is much lower than for people with less education. But the returns on a coll… read more »

How did you spend the 2016 hours of summer?

(This column ran this week in the Huffington Post) By Laura Vanderkam Hard as it is to believe, Memorial Day was just over 12 weeks ago. There are 168 hours in a week. Now that the kids are going back to school, it's a good time to ask this question: what did you do with the 2,016 (168 x 12) hours of summer? Sure, you slept some. Grownups slept about 672 of them. Kids a bi… read more »

Is Twitter Work?

In 168 Hours, I talk about trying to distinguish between "work" and "not-really-work." Work means activities that are advancing you toward your career goals. I like this definition, because it forces us to examine how we spend our hours closely. We do plenty of things at work that are not-really-work, even if they look like it. A meeting that you didn't need t… read more »

Free Back-To-School Webinar Sept 8!

I am happy to announce that I'll be doing a back-t0-school webinar on September 8, co-hosted by Katherine Reynolds Lewis of CurrentMom. The topic? Go back to school without the back to crazy! Some simple time management strategies can help make this the best school year ever. Join us at 12:30PM eastern on Sept 8 to discuss where the time really goes how to decid… read more »