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The video!

The 168 Hours video is ready for viewing! There is a link from this blog to the video in the menu at right; for people who are having trouble loading it in that format, try this permalink. Many thanks to Kathryn Murphy (who makes an appearance in Chapter 9) for letting us film in her gorgeous house, two weeks before she gave birth. What a trooper!… read more »

Ode on Indolence

Some warm morning, nearly 200 years ago, John Keats was lying outside enjoying the breeze: “My idle days?  Ripe was the drowsy hour; The blissful cloud of summer-indolence Benumb’d my eyes; my pulse grew less and less; Pain had no sting, and pleasure’s wreath no flower.” Into this lethargy crept an image of three figures: Love, Ambition and that de… read more »

(Mini) Shift Work

These days, growing numbers of us have projects, not jobs. If we work in traditional settings, we may be responsible for different activities, and many of us work for ourselves, and so are constantly juggling multiple clients. How do you do your work for all of them? Over at the Wall Street Journal, Sue Shellenbarger's Work and Family column today discusses t… read more »

Playing Facebook games during conference calls

In my sole proprietor journalist life, I don't have many conference calls. Basically, the only calls I'm ever on involve me and one other person, and hence we both need to pay attention and talk. Or at least I need to pay attention; I can't vouch for the people on the other end, but I can never do something else at the same time. I am typing, taking notes, trying to ge… read more »

TV and 168 Hours

Americans watch a lot of television. More than 30 hours a week, according to Nielsen, though time diaries put that number closer to 20 hours (19.33 hours averaged over all Americans; 23.86 if you only include people who watched TV on any given day). Still, 20 hours is a lot of time. It is the equivalent of a part-time job. Since we spend so much time watching TV, it… read more »