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USA Today: Mags show just how far women have come

My column on the changes in December women's magazines from the 1950s to today ran in USA Today this morning as "Mags show how far women have come." The answer? Quite a bit! Our housekeeping obsession has disappeared--and that's a good thing.… read more »

What is the most important thing you could be doing?

In some of the pre-pub press on 168 Hours, I've been referred to as an "aspiring time management guru," which isn't entirely true. I wrote 168 Hours from the perspective of a journalist, interviewing people who've built big careers while maintaining their personal lives. But in the course of writing the book, I learned a lot of best practices, which I've now h… read more »

Ad Age releases The New Female Consumer: The Rise of the Real Mom

I am quoted in a white paper from Ad Age on marketing to moms. Drawing on the "Core Competency Mom" series that I wrote for The Huffington Post, I talk about the genius of claiming that products that reduce housework time give you more time with your kids. This allows marketers to claim that paper plates make you a good mom! More seriously, I think that setting the… read more »