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Thanksgiving and the New Home Economics

(cross-posted at This year I attempted to make my first big turkey dinner. The holiday meal has long been one of those womanly rites of passage, viewed as complicated and requiring days of preparation and moving parts, more dishes that can fit on a table, and a skilled cook. Since I’ve spent the past year studying time use, though, I won… read more »

168 Hours pre-order page on Amazon!

The pre-order page is up, here. Very exciting! Six months until launch...… read more »

Sarah Palin’s 168 Hours

Like the rest of humanity, I watched Sarah Palin's appearance on Oprah on Monday. (I have a personal interest in her book... I had wanted to ghost write it. I wasn't chosen, alas). Palin is, of course, a politician, refusing in as slippery words as possible to declare whether she would run in 2012. But she came across as a far better, straighter shooter than she d… read more »

Quote of the day

"Your email is not your work; it is simply a tool to help you do your work." -- Paul Sloane at… read more »

Productivity lessons from maternity leave

I have been trying to work a lighter schedule since Sam's birth on September 24. I'm feeding him every 3 hours during the day, plus he seems to subscribe to the attachment parenting philosophy, which has sort of forced me to as well. Somebody needs to be holding him most of the time he's awake. I'm trying to create enough mommy-and-Jasper time so my first born doe… read more »