"Laura is a great speaker, very relatable, whose research delivers an empowering message: despite how busy we are as we strive for work-life balance, we are in charge of our hours and we have more of them than we realize!"  - ESPN Women

Edison Talks at Chicago Ideas

Speaking at Edison Talks, Chicago Ideas

I would love to be a part of your next conference or professional networking event. You might enjoy me too! Of the 200+ people who found the time to fill out a feedback form after a recent event, 98% said they were very satisfied or satisfied with my time management speech. I am now booking events for 2017 — both large group lectures or more intimate workshops.

Some of my most popular speaking topics are:
-168 Hours: Succeeding at Work and Life, 24/7
-I Know How She Does It: How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time
- Make Success Possible: How to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Please contact me directly by email if you are interested.


"Our global marketing team was feeling overloaded and overwhelmed. Laura Vanderkam delivered on our corporate objectives and facilitated a session that got everyone thinking differently about time. Months later, everyone’s still talking about Laura … she gave us practical strategies and tools to improve our overall productivity, both at work and home. Her session was fascinating, energizing, and fun. Everyone walked out feeling like they could take on the world!"         

- Jennifer Donahue, DDI

"I highly recommend Laura Vanderkam as a keynote speaker. She presented at our Working Women State Conference in the Summer of 2015. Our guests loved her keynote on "How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time." Laura's ability to showcase her research in an entertaining and energetic way kept the crowd engaged through the entire presentation. Laura has a strong command of the subject of time management and shared great insights with our audience. I would definitely book her again!"

- Jessica Rivelli, Working Women Founder

"I was delighted to welcome Laura Vanderkam back to the Bullish Conference. I have always enjoyed Laura's data-driven approach to providing tools and recommendations that work for all kinds of women. A consummate public speaker, Laura was able to adapt her message for a young, irreverent group, as much as I'm sure she does for all kinds of groups. Our audience left with many useful time management (and guilt reduction!) tools."

- Jennifer Dziura, getbullish.com

"Thank you so much for presenting I Know How She Does It to aspiring group of young women leaders in the engineering industry which is still dominated by men. All of your advice was very helpful for the women planning out their careers while having so few women role models. I know by accounting for all of the hours in the day, I have already been able to better fit in those activities that I want to do but have been putting off by saying I'm too busy."

- Michelle DeCarlo, ASHRAE Women in Engineering
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