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Back-after-maternity-leave hacks, from an evening with Lauren Smith Brody

Regular blog readers/podcast listeners will recall that Sarah and I welcomed Lauren Smith Brody as a guest on Best of Both Worlds a few weeks ago. She is the former executive editor of Glamour magazine (where she was responsible for the Women of the Year awards), and is the author of the book The Fifth Trimester. The idea behind the Fifth Trimester is that the fi… read more »

Reader question: How should I approach a shifting work-from-home schedule?

From time to time, I run reader questions on this blog. I'm also always looking for listener questions for the podcast! Today's question comes from Harmony Smith,* who runs the blog Creating My Kaleidoscope. She has five children, including 6-month-old twins. Her husband cares for the children while Harmony works. She had been working as a "normal" attorn… read more »

Podcast discussion thread: Marriage and resentment

Today's Best of Both Worlds episode covers the hot topic of marriage and resentment. A listener wrote in describing her family situation, which has some similarities to what Sarah and I both experience. Her husband works longer and less flexible hours than she does. She understands that, but she cares about her career too, and she occasionally feels like sh… read more »

Podcast discussion thread: Sun’s up, morning’s here…

Longtime readers know that I am somewhat obsessed with morning routines. To the extent that anyone who doesn't read this blog regularly might have ever heard my name, it would be in conjunction with a short ebook I wrote several years ago called What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. Click-bait title, but the bait worked. It hit #3 for non-ficti… read more »

Podcast discussion thread: Getting dinner on the table

Today's food themed Best of Both Worlds podcast is mostly about that common weeknight pain point: getting dinner on the table. Everyone is coming home from work, and daycare or aftercare, and everyone is tired and hungry, but someone has to get dinner on the table. (Or at least someone probably thinks she should get dinner on the table. The cultural narrative… read more »