Managing multiple big projects at once

I’ve got a couple big projects in process right now. I’m working on a guidebook for the Philanthropy Roundtable that looks at issues of teacher and principal quality. How should philanthropists best invest to make a difference in those areas? I’m also writing a feature for City Journal on innovations in school meals programs. Schools are working to m… read more »

When you need more energy…fast

Today is a bit of a low energy day for me. I was broadcasting live all day yesterday from Creative Live’s studios in San Francisco. Speaking for 6 hours is a lot of time! Then we had a short reception after and I went out for dinner with a few people. Then I caught the red-eye back to Philly. While I managed to nap this morning (the upside of self-employment) I&… read more »

What I learned (again!) from my time log

I spent the past week tracking my time. I’m still drilling down into the details, but I had a few broad insights from the experience.
1. It’s really hard to work long hours. I did work on all 7 days. I worked after my kids went to bed 6 out of 7 nights. I went into NYC one day and was doing work on the train until 10:30 p.m. But I still could not honestly “bill” mor… read more »

Productivity hack: Kid birthday presents

With three kids, we wind up going to — and hosting — a reasonable number of birthday parties. As with anything one does frequently, I find there are ways to make this a smoother process than it otherwise could be.
First, we joined Amazon Prime. This is probably the best $80 per year I spend (for unlimited 2-day shipping). You almost never need somet… read more »

Guest post: My adventures living 10 minutes at a time

(Laura’s note: Over the next few weeks I’ll be running some guest posts from bloggers I enjoy. I hope you enjoy these posts too!)
By Laura Brady Saade
Sometimes it feels like I’ve only got 10 minutes each day that aren’t spoken for. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom of young kids, a working mother, an entrepreneur, or a… read more »