Category: Productivity

Weekend life hacks

It was a very full weekend. I won't say "busy" as I'm against that word. Also, there was still a fair amount of open space. However, we did wind up packing a lot in, and a few of my favorite strategies made that possible. Among them: Use car time. There was heavy traffic when I was driving home in the hurricane-related rain from the airport Friday afternoon. I'd wri… read more »

Projects and progress

If your days are filled with working and raising a family, it can be tough to find space for tackling personal projects. It doesn't matter if it's just buying a new pair of sunglasses, or renovating rooms in your house. These things stack up, and the weight of them creates its own angst. If you do have a few spare hours on a weekend, which should you tackle? And how c… read more »

Conquer the world in 40 hours a week

I’ve been somewhat obsessed lately with the idea of “maximum sustainable progress.” Some people’s careers are not just productive but prolific. How do they structure their time to sustain productivity over the long haul? I suspect they work long-but-reasonable hours, and use those hours incredibly well. This got me thinking about what I would i… read more »

The 3 questions to ask after tracking time

I’ve been keeping track of my time since mid-April, so I’ve gotten into a groove. I write down what I’m doing, as often as I remember, which tends to be a few times per day. It’s not too hard to recall the previous few hours, and now that time-tracking is a habit, I can reconstruct a few days pretty well too. I commit certain times and activities to memory, a… read more »

When is time wasted?

Despite a major newspaper calling me a “stone-cold time-maximizing genius,” I must admit that I waste a lot of time. I’ve been recording my time continuously for about 4 months now and I can see the hours that have drifted past, never to be reclaimed. Of course, declaring time “wasted” means we need a definition of wasting time, which is trickier th… read more »