Sources for stories: What have you outsourced?

In our attempts to use our time better, many of us figure out that we need to outsource some obvious things: house cleaning, perhaps. Lawn work. Administrative tasks for a small business. But what else can you delegate and get off your plate? I’m looking for examples of interesting things people have outsourced, saving themselves a reasonable amount… read more »

Time makeover: A little story about Lenore and her snooze button habit

Changing habits is hard. It is often a multi-step process that doesn’t fit neatly into a before-and-after story. However, slow progress is still progress and, over time, slow progress can help you build the life you want.
All that is a long way of getting at today’s (also long!) story: a time makeover for one busy woman whose days didn’t look the way she w… read more »

Glorious inefficiency

I have been accused, more than once, of arguing that people should pack something into every minute of the day. I fully own up to believing that most people can pack more into their lives than they think, or than they do. In 168 hours, there is certainly space for a full-time job, gobs of family time, exercise, sleep, and Homeland marathons. I also see a tendency t… read more »

Should I get up earlier if I’m already getting up really early?

The past few mornings I’ve been setting an alarm. This is a step toward being intentional about my mornings. I’m starting with limited ambitions and the good news is that when your ambitions are limited, they’re easy to achieve. I’ve actually been waking up before my alarm. If I go to bed at midnight, I wake up on my own around 7:15. I t… read more »

There are no typical weeks

As I’ve been starting the Mosaic project, a number of potential time trackers have asked which weeks they should record. People want to record a “typical” week that shows life as they view it.
This is all well and good except…there are no typical weeks. The belief that there are typical and completely atypical weeks is what gets us in trouble when… read more »