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What worked in 2015

I already did an update on my major quarterly goals for 2015. I hit most of them. The ones I didn’t hit I’ve mostly decided not to care about except for the new non-fiction book idea. This one is going to haunt me. And it will become my top goal for Q1 of 2016. Anyway, following the suggestion of Katherine, who was following the suggestion of Modern Mrs. Darcy, I… read more »

Sunday prep school, Real Simple, and what’s really simple

When studying time logs for I Know How She Does It, I realized that people tended to fall into two camps. There was the “Organized Camp,” full of folks who prepped meals on Sunday for the week, did a load of laundry daily so it never stacked up, and the like. Then there were people in the “Good Enough Camp.” These folks (I include myself in this) did what we h… read more »

Notes from a year of working less

I’ve kept numerous time logs since 2009. In most of these, I have worked about 50 hours per week, and sometimes a bit more. I have now been tracking my time continuously since April of this year. In those 8 months, I have hit that number only a few times. I haven’t tallied the exact average (I probably should!), but I spot check, and 40-ish is more typical, even… read more »

Quarterly goals: how did I do?

Last December I wrote a post with my quarterly goals for 2015. While New Year’s resolutions are grand, I thought that quarterly goals might provide a better sense of pacing through the year. I’d know when to focus on what. Since December is whirling by, I thought I’d look back on how I did. What did I do, what did I not do that I wanted to, and what did I not do th… read more »

When the meetings pile up

When I tell people I write about time management and productivity, they often assume that I schedule something every minute of the day. This is not true. I may be a "J" in the Myers-Briggs taxonomy, but I love completely open work days when I can work on whatever I want, whenever I want. With NaNoWriMo I've been trying to engineer more of those days, as my preferre… read more »