Category: Poetry

Sonnet written after another too-early Saturday morning wake-up

I dream these days of setting an alarm. At 5 or so a “mama!” cry and call — keep watch! And keep a toddler safe from harm. I roust myself and stumble down the hall. He’s snuggly — just a moment — my reward, then off he tugs while all the household sleeps. The kitchen: yogurt? cheese? He’s quickly bored. The TV’s on, and through the dim light seeps ref… read more »

The literary Advent calendar

Our “literary Advent calendar” made its first appearance last year. The idea is that for each pre-Christmas night of December (or of Advent, whichever) the children open a new Christmas book. Then you read it together. It’s a chance to highlight old favorites in a systematic way, and try some new ones. As modern Christmas concepts go, it’s a much bet… read more »

Sonnet written upon finding that the ‘blank book’ I’d been saving for the right moment was really a 2013-2014 calendar

I thought this book was naught but blank white linesI thought I had as much time as I pleasedto fill its space with all of my designs --my words, my thoughts on what my fancy seized. Instead, tonight, I see it, pull it out.Was it a gift, forgotten on my shelf?Some tote bag swag, some cannot-live-without--it impulse buy I picked up for myself? Alas, the lines are cl… read more »