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Off the clock, on a plane

I do not particularly like flying. (Does anyone who's not actually flying the plane?) You’re sitting in a seat for many hours, in dry air, timing visits to a tiny bathroom for the time when the plane isn't bouncing over the airborne equivalent of pot holes. But here is one upside of plane travel: it can be a really, really good time for getting stuff done. Most o… read more »

Off the clock this weekend

The 2-year-old continues to be a handful, and to wake up too early. I also had a rather ugly showdown with the 10-year-old about bedtime on Friday night. However, there were a number of moments of near, or genuine relaxation/fun this weekend. Among them: The impromptu pool party. The boys had a half day Friday to end the school year. My 7-year-old was playing… read more »

Off the clock: Simple strategies for creating a truly productive life

I have been tracking my time for the last 15 months. I intended to go for a year, and then I kept going! I don't find it onerous. Then again, my father has read 30 minutes of Hebrew daily for 39 years. Perhaps I come from habit-keeping stock. So, over the next few days, I will be running a series here on the blog that addresses a question I get from time to time: what if I'… read more »