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Report on Mommy Day #2

My 6-year-old's half-day kindergarten ended on Friday. Older grades still had a half-day on Monday, so I decided it would be a good day to tackle Mommy Day #2. A few weeks ago, I took my 4-year-old to Hershey for the day. This is what the 6-year-old wanted to do as well. So, after getting the 9-year-old on the bus, the 6-year-old and I took off for the 90-minute driv… read more »

That summer seemed to last forever

Certain songs brilliantly conjure up a feeling of nostalgia for vast groups of people. Bryan Adams' Summer of '69 is one — the Baby Boomers were around 18-23 years old then, and we know that what happens during those years tends to imprint on the mind profoundly, because that is when people are figuring out their identities. He sings "That summer seemed to la… read more »

The summer fun list

June is the Friday night of summer. As with weekends, at the start they seem endless. Deep in, though, they feel fleeting. I want to make sure that my summers, like my weekends, feel full and good, and not like they have passed me by. We do plan vacations, which are great, but the smaller things that make summer feel like summer are harder to remember. So, every yea… read more »

Running for pleasure, or running to train

I have been traveling a lot lately, and Philadelphia has been rainy. This has been a problem because I need to do another long run or two before my scheduled half-marathon in mid-June. I looked at my schedule for today, while I have been in New York, and I realized I had an open slot in the afternoon. I could go to Central Park and run. It was a beautiful day, and so I di… read more »

52 hours in Paris

Many years ago when my husband and I were dating, we used to do such things as go to Europe for the weekend. Often it was because he was there during the week, and then I would fly out to meet him. We did Geneva, London, Paris. Good times! Then we had four kids. The four kids cut down a wee bit on the Europe-for-the-weekend sorts of trips. But they have not killed them. T… read more »