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Weekend notes, early March edition

This was a fairly low-key weekend. The boys had the Cub Scout pinewood derby, and the 8-year-old had a baseball clinic (ahead of the team evaluations, which happen next week). This allowed us to have a discussion of the merits of practice. Him: "Mom, I don't think I'll be a pitcher because I'm not good at throwing the ball." Me: "Sweetie, no one is good or bad, the… read more »

Friday miscellany: Midweek adventures, maintaining streaks

We have continued to get slammed with winter weather. Unlike the storm a week ago, though, Wednesday's storm was well-predicted. That meant that I had several days to stew about the odds that I would make it to Detroit on Wednesday in order to give a speech to about 250 people on Thursday morning. My hosts were, at first, not worried about the whole thing. Then, a… read more »

Books read in February 2018

As I was putting the title on this post, I realized that I started doing a monthly post on my reading log one year ago (so "books read in February" is taken). While I read a good number of books in January 2017, it was only in February 2017 that I started reading novels with any seriousness. I am happy to report that, one year later, my reading mix is much more satisfyi… read more »

Friday Miscellany: Notes from Watermark

I spent much of today speaking at the Watermark Conference for Women (literally -- I gave my speech three times!) The conference also sold out of my books, so that was nice. I had a few take-aways. One is that -- after I speak about time management -- people often tell me that they make great plans, they just can't stick to them. I think this may be due to one of a few th… read more »

Friday miscellany: The sound of birds

I am trying to blog at least five times a week, but I didn't feel like it yesterday. There were many reasons, although the news was one. A little over five years ago, after Sandy Hook, I wrote this column for USA Today. It is depressing to think that it is a piece of content known in the business as "evergreen." The kids had a half day of school yesterday, and I was supe… read more »