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52 hours in Paris

Many years ago when my husband and I were dating, we used to do such things as go to Europe for the weekend. Often it was because he was there during the week, and then I would fly out to meet him. We did Geneva, London, Paris. Good times! Then we had four kids. The four kids cut down a wee bit on the Europe-for-the-weekend sorts of trips. But they have not killed them. T… read more »

Should you plan your leisure time, or does that take the fun out of it?

In the common narrative, we are all scheduled to the hilt. Our work lives are dictated by 15-minute slots on Outlook. So should you treat your leisure time the same way, scheduling in that workout and drinks with a friend? No! Say researchers at Washington University. According to a series of studies (written up in Time -- originally in Health -- see link here)… read more »

The impossibility of complete happiness

Much of my recent spring break trip to San Diego was kid-focused. Sea World, the zoo, Legoland, etc. But each of the parents got one day off. In the course of skipping Disneyland, I went for a long run along the Pacific Ocean. For a runner, this was about as far from the treadmill as one can go. The waves crashed against the cliffs. The sun glinted off the water like t… read more »

San Diego with the kids

We spent the past week on vacation in San Diego. We were on a 7:40 A.M. flight from Philadelphia on Monday, which involved getting up very, very early. The flight was very, very long, though I managed to read for about an hour while the baby napped on my lap. I spent some time counting seconds, but eventually we landed, got our car (a mini van for 7!), and went over to… read more »

Running in Austin

The heat is unassuming at first. You step out onto streets full of festival-goers in shorts and name tags and wend toward the river. You are wary, and yet the sun is setting. There is a slight breeze. If the thermometer says 90, this does not seem so bad. It is only as you start to run that the full weight of the heat envelopes you. The air is thick. You jog along a dirt p… read more »