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Life right now: Reading Virginia Woolf on the sidelines at soccer practice

As the weather warms, weekends have taken on a certain fullness around here. Spring sports are still going, so we had 3 swim lessons, two soccer games, and one baseball game this weekend. The big kids went to a play, and my 7-year-old had a playdate and even a book club meeting on Friday night (yes, really! A mom organized a group of friends to get together and disc… read more »

Faulty work/life narrative 2: Working moms don’t sleep (or get me time)

A little confession: I love my sleep. Love it. I don’t just love feeling focused and productive after a good rest (though that is nice). I love sleep for its own sake. I love that delicious feeling of sinking into dreamland, the way my brain pieces images together, and that lovely sense, on the best mornings, of drifting in and out of natural grogginess with no… read more »

Say yes to karaoke

I’m writing this on the train back to Philadelphia. New York was a blast. I had come to the American Society of Journalists and Authors conference to chat with other writers, and I most definitely did that. I also sang with them. This made last night a wee bit shorter than it probably should have been. I blame Katherine Lewis. She likes karaoke. Indeed, I heard… read more »

Reader question: How do you switch from work mode to personal mode?

Today’s reader question comes from a graduate student who has young children. She writes that “You seem to have a great handle on mentally switching from on to off to on, and you also work a lot, are extremely productive and have an ongoing list of projects that you could (should?) be working on at any given moment.” So, she asks, “For people who have ‘… read more »

Out of the house

The temperatures rose this weekend. On Sunday, the high was a balmy 44. So we loaded everyone up — all 6 of us! — and drove to Baltimore to meet our cousins and tour the National Aquarium. It went remarkably well. The baby slept most of both ways in the car. Indeed, the 3-year-old may have screamed more than the baby did. Since Baltimore was digging ou… read more »