Free Time

24 hours on the last day of summer

Since this blog has become my journal, I’m doing another day-in-the-life post. Here’s how I spent the 24 hours between 7 p.m. Saturday and 7 p.m. Sunday:
Our babysitter came at 7 p.m., and my husband and I finished getting ready for the welcome-back-to-school parents’ party for our younger two’s preschool. We had a good time catching up with people.… read more »

Thoughts from airport magazine reading

I’m writing this on Friday night at O’Hare (ed. note: Sept 12). I have a longer layover here than I would like but, alas, such is the nature of flying in the Midwest.  
I find it hard to work on Friday nights. So I’ve been reading through magazines that I either subscribe to or bought in the book store (Also spotted at the book store: What the Most Successful… read more »

We made the leap

Yes, we bought a mini-van. A 2014 Toyota Sienna, and yes, the kids love it. They love the sliding doors. They love the video screen. My 4-year-old likes being able to walk to the back row through the center of the car (for some reason, probably having to do with his more easy-going personality, he always gets the back row). I had resisted this for a while, but given… read more »

Spotted at the York County Fair…

This pumpkin. It was a full 826 lbs. I don’t think this photo quite captures the glory. At least one other topped 700 lbs. I am enjoying my backyard garden, but I don’t think I will ever pull this off. I kind of wonder what they do with them afterwards…… read more »

The day the Fitbit battery died

Batteries do not last forever. They die sooner if you use them a lot, and that’s the case with my Fitbit Zip (a step counter), which I got in May and wore religiously. I tapped the screen many, many times per day as well. The battery died late last week. Consequently, I spent this weekend without my constant companion of the past 4 months.
The experience gave me a… read more »