Guest post: How to make the ultimate to-do list

(Laura’s note: I’ll be running the occasional guest post over the next few weeks. If you have a post you’d like to suggest, please email me at lvanderkam at yahoo dot com).
by Paula Rizzo
It’s easy to be overwhelmed by your list and ignore it. But I want to tell you how to make the ultimate to-do list and stick to it, and I can do that with a list.… read more »

Reader question: When should I turn down well-paying work?

Today’s reader question comes from a woman I’ll call Amy. She works full time (35-40 hours/week) from home as a contractor to major tech companies. She also runs a creative business on the side. She devotes about 5 hours a week to that. She was recently approached about doing a bigger digital creative project that would be something new for her, but fits wi… read more »

Unconventional Thanksgiving leftovers

We celebrated Thanksgiving with just the 5 of us. I’d been shopping at Costco, though, so we had a lot of food, including a 15 lb turkey. That might have been fine if all of us had been around to eat the leftovers. But on Friday my husband took the older two kids out to Arizona for a family wedding. My 3-year-old was not much help on anything except rolls. So after a f… read more »

My own personal Turkey Trot

The Thanksgiving holiday started a wee bit early in my house. The 5- and 3-year-old were off of school Wednesday, and our nanny was driving to visit extended family several states away. My husband was on his way back from Europe and experiencing various travel and weather delays. So I was manning the fort solo.
I got the 7-year-old on the bus and then tried to con… read more »

Holiday magic

I’ve been feeling “meh” today. I’ve reached that point of pregnancy where I’m tired of the whole thing. I am tired of being huge, of not being able to run anywhere near as fast and far as I’d like. I had a doctor’s appointment today and had to wait in the exam room for 30 minutes. That was long enough that I got caught in a rush hour traffic jam on the way… read more »