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It’s still fall for a few more weeks, but here’s how I did on the Fall Fun List

I really love fall. I love the colors, the crisp weather, the cozy feeling that winter is coming but is not yet here. Unlike summer, though, when the kids' non-school schedules, and vacations, naturally push one to do things to enjoy the season, fall is harder to pause and appreciate. So, this year, I decided to create a Fall Fun List. It is structured much like m… read more »

The 2016 holiday fun list

Time passes whether we think about how we are spending it or not. Since the holidays tend to be relatively busy (or "full" to use a word I like better) it is easy to wake up one morning around Christmas and realize you haven't done the things that make the holidays feel like the holidays. So a few years ago, I started making a holiday fun list. This is a list of things I… read more »

Time makeover: Make art when you can. Relax when you can’t.

About a month ago, I put out a call for reader time logs. Laureen Marchand, a 66-year-old Canadian artist, was among the people to respond. She told me that she was "not as productive as I'd like to be," and in the beginning, at least, she seemed to be looking for standard advice on getting more done. She noted that she was frequently distracted, and her schedule a… read more »

Time strategy #5: Leave breathing room

In years of writing about people's schedules, I have learned that we all have different activity tolerances. My inclination in life is more toward "full." I don't mind having things push out a bit at the seams. On the few package tours I have been on, I have been amazed to see how much downtime is considered normal. That said, I do know this: a day has exactly 24 hou… read more »

Time strategy #2: Earn your merit badges

I spent a few years as a Girl Scout. I consider earning badges to be among my more satisfying memories of childhood. While knowledge of, say, folklore is a nebulous thing, earning a folklore badge is incredibly straightforward. All the requirements are specific, doable actions, such as reading certain books or asking people for stories.* You do the specifi… read more »