What is work?

Blog reader Rachael (see her website here) raised an interesting question on my last post: What is work? When you’re keeping a time log and tallying your hours, what should count as work?
It’s a more complicated question than it seems at first. For instance, how do you count breaks? Everyone takes them, every day. If someone runs next door to Starbucks to g… read more »

My work limit

I kept track of my time over the past 2 weeks. I figure if I’m asking other people to log their time for the Mosaic project, I should scrutinize my own logs as well!
A key part of logging time is figuring out how many hours I work. And the answer — at least with my current set-up — is surprisingly consistent. The last week of September and first week of O… read more »

Managing multiple big projects at once

I’ve got a couple big projects in process right now. I’m working on a guidebook for the Philanthropy Roundtable that looks at issues of teacher and principal quality. How should philanthropists best invest to make a difference in those areas? I’m also writing a feature for City Journal on innovations in school meals programs. Schools are working to m… read more »

My business model — and my identity

This is a completely naval gazing post. Then again, isn’t that what a blog is for?
I’ve been spending a bit of time over the last few months pondering my business model and my professional identity. In any business built on a personal brand — and writing fits that model — you hit a certain threshold point. What I am selling is myself: my ideas, my… read more »

New book in 2015: Mosaic

I’m happy to announce that Portfolio will be publishing my next book, called The Mosaic (or possibly just “Mosaic”), in 2015. This book will feature the results of a time diary study of women with big careers and kids. The title comes from my observation that while in the popular narrative, combining a big career and a family means one is constantly jugg… read more »