Managing multiple big projects at once

I’ve got a couple big projects in process right now. I’m working on a guidebook for the Philanthropy Roundtable that looks at issues of teacher and principal quality. How should philanthropists best invest to make a difference in those areas? I’m also writing a feature for City Journal on innovations in school meals programs. Schools are working to m… read more »

My business model — and my identity

This is a completely naval gazing post. Then again, isn’t that what a blog is for?
I’ve been spending a bit of time over the last few months pondering my business model and my professional identity. In any business built on a personal brand — and writing fits that model — you hit a certain threshold point. What I am selling is myself: my ideas, my… read more »

New book in 2015: Mosaic

I’m happy to announce that Portfolio will be publishing my next book, called The Mosaic (or possibly just “Mosaic”), in 2015. This book will feature the results of a time diary study of women with big careers and kids. The title comes from my observation that while in the popular narrative, combining a big career and a family means one is constantly jugg… read more »

Cut yourself some slack

My experience of being excused from jury duty this week has reminded me of this: I really like having slack in my schedule. Lots and lots of slack.
That may sound a bit strange coming from someone who writes about productivity and efficiency. I do like using bits of time for bits of joy, and I think it’s amazing what you can get done in 15 minutes. That said, I have… read more »

Leaving to spend more time with the family

I was scheduled for jury duty this week. Since I hate to cancel things (I find it almost physically painful), I didn’t schedule anything for my summons date and several days after. But the night before, I called the court house and learned I had been excused. This left me with several days of found time. The first thought I had was that I should “spend more tim… read more »