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Guilt: my least favorite interview question

As I’ve done interviews about I Know How She Does It, I get asked a lot about guilt. I have worked out an answer because that is what authors do, but fundamentally, I find this question hard to answer because I’m not sure why it is a question. Guilt is an emotion that stems from our being social animals. It’s quite useful from that perspective. If you have hur… read more »

The art of the mini-retreat

I wrote a post for Fast Company recently on how to create a mini retreat. I realized it had been a while since I’d done one in my own life. The idea is to go somewhere interesting and either work on a project or think. About 18 months ago I went to Jim Thorpe to finish a draft of The Cortlandt Boys. When I needed to finish I Know How She Does It last year, my husband took t… read more »

Work from Home – Working Mother Sticky Situations Videos

Back in April, I recorded several videos with Working Mother magazine about “sticky situations” working parents face. I’m happy to be able to share them here over the next few weeks here! This sticky situation looks at how to ask to work at home one day a week. It doesn’t work everywhere, but it’s hard to know until you try. Here are my tips. I welcome y… read more »

The internship skill I use daily

It’s intern season, which means that offices everywhere are filled with an uncharacteristic number of young people seeing what office life is all about. No wonder record numbers of young people want to start their own businesses! In all seriousness, I did a number of internships back in the day at media outlets. I still write for two of them (Fortune and USA… read more »

Do kids make you more productive?

Several alert readers sent me KJ Dell’Antonia’s Motherlode post on a study finding that academic economists with 2+ children were more productive than those without kids. There was a productivity hit when the kids were little, but overall productivity, as measured in journal publications, stayed elevated despite those dips. Women with kids, incid… read more »