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Gym on Weekends – Working Mother Sticky Situations Videos

Back in April, I recorded several videos with Working Mother magazine about the “sticky situations” working parents face. I was sharing them for a while, then the website crashed. Now it is time to continue sharing them! This particular sticky situation - You like to go to the gym on weekends, but that is also time to spend with kids! So what do you do? Her… read more »

Running a business during naptime

I am now, finally, back at my desk for a full day of work. The past week has been about making do. I can make do quite well. However, it has also been a reminder of why I really prefer not to. P (nanny) had a family emergency that brought her to South Carolina last week. Then we got snowed in and she could not get on a flight until yesterday evening. The kids were out of sch… read more »

Deep work (secrets of the most productive people series – installment 1)

Note: For the next few days I will be doing posts on "secrets of the most productive people." These are some of my favorite tips, with stories and explanations. Many productivity books focus on the evils of distraction. In his new book, Deep Work, Cal Newport takes a different approach. Rather than re-argue that point, he instead advances the idea that the abi… read more »

How one lawyer plans to get back on the fast track after a few slow years

Careers have peaks and troughs. Many people decide to “park it” for a few years while caring for children or elderly parents, or while dealing with a health issue or a boss who inspires hunkering down. But at some point the situation can change. So how do you show you’re back in the game? I asked this question on the blog a few weeks ago. I thought one of the re… read more »

My 2016 quarterly goals

It's that time of year again! In 2015, I started setting quarterly goals, rather than New Year's resolutions. To be sure, I have some year-long resolutions for doing things like eating vegetables. But setting quarterly goals allows me to focus on one big thing at a time. I know there are other things I intend to do during the year, and there will be a time for thos… read more »