This is the way the world ends

The Mayans were quite an advanced civilization. They had agriculture, written language and, as we’ve been learning in story after story this week, a calendar. Mayan civilization itself ended hundreds of years ago, but the calendar ticked along until….December 21, 2012.
Cue the scary music! A sizable proportion of the population, it seems, beli… read more »


As part of the project I’m doing on digital learning, I got to interview Sal Khan (of Khan Academy) yesterday. I wrote about The Math of Khan for City Journal last year, and now I’m working on a short guidebook for philanthropists on investing in enterprises like Khan’s, or in schools or other programs that use “blended learning… read more »

Lawyers who quit, and other stories

What with the election and all, we’re a bit behind on “Can’t have it all” manifestos. Fortunately, a lawyer (and mother of two young children) threw some grease on the fire recently by quitting her big DC law firm with an email to her colleagues that recounted a rather rough day, hour by hour. (That link goes to Lisa Belkin’s po… read more »

Lessons from a 90-minute nap

I wrote in my last post about trying some of the tips in Crystal Paine’s book, 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life. Day 13 suggested reading 168 Hours, which seemed like it might not be so helpful for me (personally — I hope it is for other people!).
But I decided to reread my chapter on “Controlling your calendar” in advance of working on… read more »

You don’t work as much as you think

Hang around in certain circles long enough, and you hear a lot about 70-hour workweeks. Then, after that complaint, you start hearing about 80-hour workweeks, and so forth in the arms race. People claim they fantasize about 60-hour workweeks, billed by some as the new “part-time.”
We may feel we’re overworked, but there’s evidence that when it com… read more »