One at a time

Thursday night is trash night in my neck of the woods. We hauled our cans to the top of the driveway and, as we do every other week when it’s also recycling night, we hauled a few cardboard boxes up too.
We moved in June of 2011, and probably had close to a hundred boxes of stuff. We also ordered a lot of furniture and accessories that came in boxes. The empty boxes al… read more »

The presidency and the daddy-track

In the run-up to the Democratic party convention this week, I’ve seen a number of profiles of President Barack Obama. Some are fawning, some a lot less so, but most are in agreement on one factual point: Obama has much younger children at home than other recent presidents. He also has a Sheryl Sandberg style approach to seeing them. If he is in town, he will be h… read more »

Windsurfing in Schumpeter’s gale

One of the most evocative concepts in economics is “creative destruction.” In Joseph Schumpeter’s 1942 book, Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy, he described this force as a quintessential part of capitalism. The new destroys the old. Whole industries disappear as people figure out new ways of doing things. This upheaval isn’t just a side-ef… read more »

Does a clean desk help you work?

A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, the saying goes — which may explain why Australian company BHP Billiton’s rule book, leaked to the Australian Financial Review, made a big deal about employee desks. According to the publication, employees “have to clean their desks every day of all but eight objects – their monitors, keyboards, m… read more »

The To-Ignore List

Last week I posted a link to Peter Bregman’s Lifehacker article on making two lists: a to-do list, and a to-ignore list. The to-ignore list is just what it sounds like: things you’re not going to spend your precious time and attention dealing with.
Phrased that way, the things on the ignore list sound like they might be clearly negative (I will ignore Faceb… read more »