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Friday Links: 5000 hours

Just a few links today, mostly focused on the class of 2013. First up, over at Brazen Careerist’s Brazen Life section, I write New Grads: 10 Goals for Your First 5000 Hours on the Job. If you stay in your first “real” job for 2 years (not an unreasonable expectation), and work 50 hours a week (more than average), you’ll get a grand total… read more »

The Idea Desk (not pictured)

I had a rather successful night at my middle kid’s nursery school silent auction a few weeks ago. Maybe it was the fact that I was straight off the plane from Japan and too disoriented to focus on anything but winning the stuff I wanted. Maybe it was that my husband was in Dubai, so I didn’t get distracted by talking with him. But not only did I win a silver B. Mako… read more »

Success at Work Challenge Week 1: Mind your hours

I’m trying to achieve success at work, and you can too! For the next 7 weeks, I’ll be running a #SuccessAtWork challenge on this blog. Each week’s challenge will follow one of the 7 disciplines I highlight in my new ebook, What the Most Successful People Do at Work. If you’re participating, please let me know in the comments, or on Twitter. This is week 1… read more »

Traveling light, and Thursday thoughts

I’m on the road again the second half of this week. This photo is of my small carry-on bag, and my purse, which holds what I’ve packed for 4 days in 2 cities. As the weather gets warmer, it becomes much easier to pack light, but I’ve also figured out a few packing hacks over the years. First, I’ve realized that I don’t need my whole wardrobe. Inst… read more »

Make over your workday, light a fire under your career

One of the phrases that has stuck with me over the years is that “A life is lived in hours.” We may have grand ideas of what we want out of life, but whatever we accomplish will be a function of how we spent our hours. My short ebook, What the Most Successful People Do at Work, which is out today (follow that link for the book page, which has links to major retailers… read more »