Perks and progress

Whenever I write about lists of great places to work, I make a reference to “free M&Ms.” I always thought this was a great hypothetical example of the silliness of focusing on perks. M&Ms are cheap. You could supply yourself with all you should be eating for less than a dollar a day. Yet stories on awesome companies tend to focus on the free… read more »

127 timesaving ideas for busy wives

That retro headline is taken from the cover of the May 1963 issue of Good Housekeeping. I recently took on an assignment to compare extant titles of women’s magazines from 50 years ago and today. While I will probably focus on GH (I always do!), I also have Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, and Family Circle issues from 1963 sitting on the floor of my office ri… read more »

What to expect when no one’s expecting

I got to know Jonathan Last because both of us (in separate years) won a Phillips Fellowship. This journalism fellowship — which is aimed at those on the conservative side of the political spectrum — supports research into a big topic that might become a book. The alums of the fellowship program get together 2-3 times per year.
At each get togethe… read more »

So you want to run a home-based business…

I’m speaking in a few months to a group of women who are in the early stages of starting home-based businesses. Having been self-employed for years, I am a huge fan of the micro-business revolution, and of course, I’m familiar with the evidence that an hour spent commuting will probably be the most miserable hour of your day.
So yay, working at home. But in o… read more »

Broaden your scope

One of the “most successful people” I interviewed for my next ebook, on how people spend their workdays, was former race car driver Sarah Fisher. After becoming one of very few women ever to compete in the Indianapolis 500, she’s now the owner of Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing. SFHR is moving into a new facility in Speedway, Indiana (the little ‘burg tha… read more »