So you want to run a home-based business…

I’m speaking in a few months to a group of women who are in the early stages of starting home-based businesses. Having been self-employed for years, I am a huge fan of the micro-business revolution, and of course, I’m familiar with the evidence that an hour spent commuting will probably be the most miserable hour of your day.
So yay, working at home. But in o… read more »

Broaden your scope

One of the “most successful people” I interviewed for my next ebook, on how people spend their workdays, was former race car driver Sarah Fisher. After becoming one of very few women ever to compete in the Indianapolis 500, she’s now the owner of Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing. SFHR is moving into a new facility in Speedway, Indiana (the little ‘burg tha… read more »

The moment of clarity

I keep thinking I should stop subscribing to the New Yorker. The magazines have a tendency to pile up when I’m busy because they come every week. But then I read an article that reminds me why I subscribe.
That particular piece in this week’s issue is “Structure” by John McPhee. I was lucky enough to take a writing class with McPhee at P… read more »

Is 2013 the year to ask for a raise?

Over at LinkedIn, Citi’s Women & Co Connect discussion group recently faced a question: what’s your career resolution for 2013? Of the 5 available options, the most commonly chosen (at the time I looked) was “Find a new job” (36%). The runner-up was “Learn new career skills” (29%) and then “Build my netwo… read more »

This is the way the world ends

The Mayans were quite an advanced civilization. They had agriculture, written language and, as we’ve been learning in story after story this week, a calendar. Mayan civilization itself ended hundreds of years ago, but the calendar ticked along until….December 21, 2012.
Cue the scary music! A sizable proportion of the population, it seems, beli… read more »