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Books read in February 2018

As I was putting the title on this post, I realized that I started doing a monthly post on my reading log one year ago (so "books read in February" is taken). While I read a good number of books in January 2017, it was only in February 2017 that I started reading novels with any seriousness. I am happy to report that, one year later, my reading mix is much more satisfyi… read more »

Podcast discussion thread: The great decluttering debate

Organized is not the same thing as tidy. I realized this, years ago, when I invited a prominent professional organizer into my home as part of writing 168 Hours. She looked at my various piles of stuff and then noted that we were not disorganized. We were, in her words, lazy. I am not sure lazy is the right word either, but I realized she was onto something. Organiz… read more »

Maxing out the enjoyment (with Bach’s B-Minor Mass)

Many years ago, I sang in the Princeton University Glee Club. We spent many months practicing Bach's B-Minor Mass. I learned the piece through and through, and listened to recordings constantly, but I never performed it, because I left to study abroad in Australia two weeks before the concert. That itself was a fabulous opportunity, but it meant that anothe… read more »

Friday Miscellany: Notes from Watermark

I spent much of today speaking at the Watermark Conference for Women (literally -- I gave my speech three times!) The conference also sold out of my books, so that was nice. I had a few take-aways. One is that -- after I speak about time management -- people often tell me that they make great plans, they just can't stick to them. I think this may be due to one of a few th… read more »

That moment of boredom on a plane

Six hours is a long time to be on a plane. I suppose I could do the usual things to pass the time, such as watch movies, but I'm not really a movie person. Also, six uninterrupted hours is a rare thing in life. I like to take advantage of it if I can, even if the accommodations are uncomfortable. And yet, four hours into this six hour flight, I keep hoping for the minutes… read more »