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Books read in May

Another month, another round-up! I am in the midst of reading John McPhee's Annals of the Former World, which is epic (700 plus pages). After many days, I am only about 64% in, according to my Kindle's counter. Still, I finished a lot of other books this month. Below is a list of what I tackled since the last post on this topic. Also, some exciting news: my readin… read more »

Starting on the summer fun list

Memorial Day is the official start of summer, and I have been starting to make progress on my Summer Fun list. As noted in the previous post, I spoke at my high school's commencement ceremony this past Saturday. Having a cappuccino at The Cup (the current iteration of my favorite coffee shop -- it used to be the "MT Cup") and perusing the stacks at the White Rabbit… read more »

Over the castle on the hill

If you've listened to pop radio lately, you have no doubt heard Ed Sheeran reminiscing about the town where he grew up. The restless guitars lead to the chorus where Sheeran recounts going 90 down those country lanes, singing to Tiny Dancer, and missing the way he felt watching the sunset over the castle on the hill. It is a song thick with nostalgia, which I… read more »

How to tame the paper beast

I spent about an hour last weekend going through the pile of paper that collects on the counter under our microwave. This is where mail and magazines go when they come in. It is also where kid papers that get dumped elsewhere migrate. I imagine lots of households have such a paper pile, and dealing with it can consume much time. Not dealing with it can result in o… read more »

24 hours in the mosaic

People who've read I Know How She Does It know I like the mosaic metaphor for life. I track my time on spreadsheets with half hour blocks on the vertical axis and the days of the week on the horizontal. We can speak of this as 336 cells on a grid, but I prefer the more artsy image of "tiles on a mosaic." How I place those tiles is up to me, and by moving things around, a… read more »