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32 hours in London, and a Friday round-up

I have a confession to make. I spent 32 hours in London earlier this week...and I slept for about 12 of them. That’s with just one overnight. I landed at 9:15 or so in the morning, and made my way to my hotel, which was this old guest house type place in downtown by Hyde Park. They let me check in early, and despite my having actually slept on the flight over (empty fl… read more »

Is work still a priority now or not? (There is no right answer)

I tend to write about caregiving from the perspective of parenting young children, but as many readers have pointed out to me, elder care presents its own challenges. People who’ve never run the gauntlet of combining work and child-rearing can still suddenly wind up responsible for older relatives. Indeed, particularly if a person hasn’t dealt with t… read more »

The context of an hour

I spend lots of hours with my family. Over the past weekend, I spent the majority of Friday, and pretty much all of Saturday and Sunday with them. So it’s interesting to me why one hour on Monday felt so different. It was another full day. I had two events and a meeting in NYC, so after getting the kids off to school, I took off for the train station. I had packed to be… read more »

Platform, explained and semi-embraced

Every industry has its buzzwords. “Platform” is a big one in the book publishing business. It’s easy to loathe but I think it’s also misunderstood. Viewed in a different light, it’s helpful to all sorts of authors, famous or not. Platform is defined as the built-in audience an author brings to a book. If you are a much-loved TV star who can yak about y… read more »

Fall fun! (well, except for the face painting)

Fall colors are at their peak here, and we had gorgeous weather this weekend. I’m also realizing that Halloween is no longer a day but a season. Fortunately, I don’t think a few extra mini-Twix bars are going to hurt anyone. Friday was a fairly chill day. I had the little kids during the day, and we spent some time crawling around on the grass in the backyard, a… read more »