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Projects and progress

If your days are filled with working and raising a family, it can be tough to find space for tackling personal projects. It doesn't matter if it's just buying a new pair of sunglasses, or renovating rooms in your house. These things stack up, and the weight of them creates its own angst. If you do have a few spare hours on a weekend, which should you tackle? And how c… read more »

Unfinished business

My review of Anne-Marie Slaughter’s new book, Unfinished Business, ran in today’s Wall Street Journal. (If you are not a WSJ subscriber, you can try Googling "The Other Princeton Mom" and WSJ -- yes, that's what the Journal called the review!). Slaughter’s 2012 essay for The Atlantic on "Why Women Still Can’t Have It All" was read close to 3 million t… read more »

Getting time with all four

One of the challenges of managing a brood (and it is a management challenge!) is getting solo time with each of them. They definitely respond well to individual attention. Who doesn't? Employees thrive when managers invest time in them. As in an office, though, getting one-on-one time on the calendar is easier said than done. That's why I was quite happy that… read more »

Conquer the world in 40 hours a week

I’ve been somewhat obsessed lately with the idea of “maximum sustainable progress.” Some people’s careers are not just productive but prolific. How do they structure their time to sustain productivity over the long haul? I suspect they work long-but-reasonable hours, and use those hours incredibly well. This got me thinking about what I would i… read more »

Breakfast in my house

Family meals sound warm and fuzzy. Then there is reality. I’ve been trying to do “family breakfast” when I can in my house -- often just me and the kids, but trying to get them and me sitting around the table simultaneously. On Monday and Tuesday this week I made them pancakes. My daughter was very upset that there were no leftover pancakes on Monday (she wa… read more »