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The case for being accessible

Over at Fast Company this week I had a post on "The Compelling Case for Being More Accessible." I mentioned a comment from an entrepreneur who discussed regional differences in accessibility. She found that in Silicon Valley, it was pretty easy to get meetings with people based on a pitch. In Philadelphia, not so much -- you needed to be introduced by someone w… read more »

Survey: Having it all means more to men than women

The phrase “having it all” is a loaded one. Usually, it’s used in a negative sense -- that people can’t have it all, or at least can’t have it all at once. It’s also more likely to be used about women than men, most famously in the Atlantic’s story by Anne-Marie Slaughter last year about Why Women Still Can’t Have it All. But what does it mean? My ne… read more »

Setting the scene

I've been spending a lot of time lately revising my novel. It's set in a small town in Pennsylvania, and while the town is fictional, when I think of the geography, I think of Jim Thorpe, PA. Jim Thorpe is alternately cute and run down and, wedged as it is between the Lehigh River and the hills, it's got a certain drama in its landscape. It's a drama that befits the jo… read more »

What is work?

Blog reader Rachael (see her website here) raised an interesting question on my last post: What is work? When you’re keeping a time log and tallying your hours, what should count as work? It’s a more complicated question than it seems at first. For instance, how do you count breaks? Everyone takes them, every day. If someone runs next door to Starbucks to g… read more »

Taking the day off

I’ve been reviewing a number of time logs lately as part of the Mosaic project (want to participate? See here for details). I’m doing a workshop next month for a group of financial planners, who all kept track of their time for me. I’ve been intrigued to see that a few members of this high-earning crew have intentionally scheduled their lives to take one w… read more »