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New holiday traditions

We stayed home this Christmas, but took the week off from work. Since it was our first holiday season in our new home, we could make new traditions which, years from now, could take on some sort of hallowed status for our children. This is serious power, if you think about it. We tried several things which could evolve into traditions: baking cookies for Santa on… read more »

My money philosophy

I’m attempting to distill my thoughts about money into talking points for All the Money in the World publicity. In my maturation as an author last time around, I had a little light bulb go off: the vast majority of people who hear of your book are not going to read your book. In essence, your book becomes your talking points. This can be frustrating if you think t… read more »

Work-life balance, and leaning in

I was taking a survey a few months ago, when I came across a question: how has having children affected your career? The choices were along the lines of “a huge impact,” “a fair amount,” “a small amount,” or “not at all.” Assuming that this question was assessing the degree of negative impact, I answered “a small amount.” That seemed fair… read more »

My random resolution list

I really like the idea of New Year's resolutions. I guess that's part of writing in the self-help genre! The idea of striving to live a better life is powerful, even as it is often elusive. Anyway, I've learned more over the years about how to make resolutions that actually stick. Think specific, positive actions, and ones with the logistics thought through. W… read more »

Slow progress toward big goals

As I wrote in my "fat pants" post a few weeks ago, I am deep into the project of trying to lose the last 10 lbs of baby weight. At least it is no longer the last 15 lbs of baby weight. I am making progress. But it is slow progress. The thing about losing 0.5-1 lb per week is that the scale can refuse to budge for days. And if it budges, it can go up, since a person's weight can f… read more »