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Dealing with unexpected free time

One of the challenges of making the most of our "down time" is that we often don't know when, exactly, it's going to appear, or how long it will last. It's easy to be caught off guard, and so not be sure what you want to do with the hours. I find myself dealing with something along those lines at the moment. My due date was Sept. 16 -- now come and gone -- and I'd more or les… read more »

Taming the Digital Distractions

The New York Times has a funny story on new software that tries to save you from yourself. You start a workday with plenty of productive time ahead of you, but then you're zapped from one link to the next in your in-box, and then you're checking everything on Facebook and Twitter, then going back to your inbox, then quickly looking at your work, then ten minutes la… read more »

Business Owners Smile More…

...or at least that's the message of Sue Shellenbarger's column this morning in the Wall Street Journal. According to a Gallup survey being released today, business owners outrank 10 other occupational groups in overall well-being, even though small business owners often struggle with extreme stress (e.g. meeting a payroll), have less access to compre… read more »

A Day in the Life of a Power Mom

Amanda Steinberg, whose Daily Worth email recently featured one of my USA Today op-eds, has another post from a few days ago about how she spends her time, called "A Day in the Life of a Power Mom." The message? By focusing her time at work, hiring good people (who don't have to be micro-managed), and splitting her shifts (working after the kids go to bed), she is m… read more »

When work-life balance means working more

When I was writing a book on time management several years ago, I had dozens of people keep logs of their time. Paula, a Nashville mom of a preschooler who was also launching her own business, requested a time makeover. Her husband is an airline pilot, so he was often on the road. She was feeling like she wasn't doing a good job making all the pieces fit together. Sh… read more »