Time Management 101

Over at Money Saving Mom, Crystal is doing a great series on time management, which (brag alert!) features 168 Hours. Earlier this week, she posted an essay called “Stop Trying to ‘Do It All’” telling her readers that no, she does not actually make sweaters from sheep she sheared herself. This is good to know, since careful readers… read more »

A few hopes on election day

This morning, as I usually do on election day, I spent a few moments in my local polling place. I rather like exercising this civic right, even though as a right-leaning voter in Manhattan, all my vote seems to do is get me jury duty from time to time. Voting strikes me as a fundamentally optimistic act. Across the country, people are voting today, and will likely… read more »

What would you do on a perfect day?

Researchers have been studying happiness rather seriously over the past few decades, and one of the truisms of this field is that experiences make us happier than things. Stuff can be fun to acquire, but few objects truly change our lives. The few objects that might change our lives (for instance, computers) give us happiness because they give us the experie… read more »

Multitasking… or not

I’m finally home from several speeches in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. One of my usual lines in these talks is to tell people not to multitask. “Wherever you are, be there,” I say. Give your present task your full attention.
And I usually try to follow that advice. But tonight I was faced with a dilemma. I needed to sign 50 book plates to get out i… read more »

Thoughts on cars and travel

Just a quick post, as I am on the road this week, with speeches in Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Since I live in New York City, and work out of my home office, I don’t spend a whole lot of time driving. But this week, as I’m out in the midwest, I rented a car and have been hopping around in it. It has made me convinced, more than ever, that one of the reasons we fe… read more »