Round-up: Procrastination, Multi-tasking and Blog Inspiration

I’ve been taking a week off from book writing before plunging into revisions next week. It’s been kind of nice to have a little bit of space, to actively choose to not do something for a while.
However, sometimes we put things off for other reasons. Over at BNET this week, I blogged on 5 Ways To Stop Procrastinating By Friday. I am particularly a fan o… read more »

Idea Files: Worth It Or No?

I’ve been trying to declutter a few areas of my house lately. While doing so, I’ve come across a handful of old “idea files.” It always seems like a good idea to start one. At previous points in my life, I’ve been responsible for coming up with 8-10 short article ideas a month for Reader’s Digest’s Only in America s… read more »

No, You Don't Have To Track Your Time Forever

Over at the Urban Muse Writer, Susan Johnston reviewed 168 Hours. It’s a great review, and I’m really thrilled with it, but one thing I noticed was that in the comments a few people said that the idea of tracking their time made them want to poke their eyes out.
You know what?  I agree. Just in case anyone wonders, I have not been keeping a running ta… read more »

The Portfolio Mindset

A publisher sent me a book on resume writing the other day. As I was paging through it, I realized something: it’s been years since I’ve sent anyone a resume. During that time, a dozen clients have come and gone, but no one asks for a chronological list of my work history. Which is good, because I don’t really have a work history, per se. Instea… read more »

How Much House Can You Afford?

One of the issues I’m tackling in Plenty is the usual calculators on how much house people can afford. By how much I mean how many dollars, not how much square footage (I’ve been reading Sarah Susanka’s Not So Big House series lately, and interviewed her thanks to my blog readers’ recommendations … something I will cover in th… read more »