Weekly Round-Up: The Best Productivity Tool You're Not Using

We’re welcoming lots of new readers to My168Hours this week. Between being featured in Motherlode at NYTimes.com, Wired’s GeekDad column, Working Moms Against Guilt, some rising BNET traffic in general, and in Yahoo (more on that below) we’ve actually had our best month since I was on the Today Show in June.
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Guilt Is a Waste Of Time

There’s a week for everything, and apparently over at BabyCenter, it is “Guilt-Free Parenting Week.” Yes, February 25-March 4 is a celebration of the idea that “great parenting isn’t perfect.” Apparently that will be celebrated with prizes, give-aways, etc.
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Want To Create Jobs? Buy Local

Everyone is concerned with job creation these days. Ultimately, jobs are created, as Linda McMahon said in that famous Connecticut debate before the 2010 election, when “An entrepreneur takes [a] risk. He or she believes that they create [a] good or service that is sold for more than it costs to create it. If an entrepreneur thinks he can do that he crea… read more »

The Pros And Cons Of a Spending Log

As I’ve been writing The Book Currently Known As Plenty, I’ve read a shelf full of other personal finance literature. One tip which surfaces frequently is to keep a spending log. I understand the appeal — after all, 168 Hours really pushes the idea of keeping a time log — but I have to admit I’m not entirely sold. I suppose it mig… read more »

Sunday Night Blues?

It’s a fairly common phenomenon: somewhere around mid-day Sunday, people who aren’t blissfully happy with their Monday routines start to feel a twinge of anxiety. The brain is a tricky creature. The anxiety takes over and makes you feel like you’re getting into work mode, even though it’s still  the weekend. This happens to st… read more »