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Welcome to the 1 percent

(Laura’s note: my column ran in yesterday’s USA TODAY under the headline “Does Income Inequality Matter?” online and “Does Income Gap Matter?” in print.) Income inequality has long been with us, but it has seldom been talked about as much as in this election cycle. Last fall’s Occupy Wall Street movement int… read more »

Are you as busy as you think?

Another quick post today: I’m over at the Wall Street Journal, asking “Are You As Busy As You Think?” The take-away: “Being ‘busy’ and ‘starved for time’ is a way to show we matter. Put another way, it makes us feel important. But if you think about it, complaining about a lengthy to-do list is not only bori… read more »


Over the weekend, we got to meet Dr. Scott, the paleontologist. Those of you with preschoolers may know just how big a deal this is. “Dr. Scott, the Paleontologist,” is the scientist who comes on between cartoon segments on Dinosaur Train (a PBS Kids show). He talks about different kinds of dinosaurs, and other prehistoric creatures, and how we know vari… read more »

Amazon orders are shipping; Mini round-up

We’ve got a lot of new readers on the blog today, thanks to Cali’s wonderful post over at Fast Company (also featured in the newsletter; thanks guys!), my column in USA Today, some BookPage readers (phew, what a review) and some clever forwarding of the last post, on “Can Money Buy You Balance?” Welcome to everybody! Please take a lo… read more »

Can money buy you balance?

I’m not a big fan of the phase “work-life balance.” It implies that the two concepts (work and life) take up equal space, which is not the case for most people. With 168 hours a week, if you sleep 8 per night (56 per week) that leaves 112 for other things. You’d need to be working 56 hours per week for work and the rest of life to be truly “balanced.R… read more »