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How Many of Your Dreams Have Come True?

(Laura’s note: I’m on maternity leave, and while I’ll be posting occasionally over the next few weeks, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to run some guest posts by my favorite bloggers. Enjoy!) By Lorie Marrero Do you write your goals down? Why not? It’s been proven and demonstrated over and over again that writing down… read more »

Are You A Tom-Tom Mom (or Dad)?

(Laura’s note: I’m on maternity leave, and while I’ll post occasionally over the next few weeks, I also wanted to use this opportunity to run some guest posts from my favorite bloggers. Enjoy!) by Stephanie Vozza I have a confession to make: I have TomTom tendencies. I feel the need to stand over my children calling out directions like a GP… read more »

A Little Princess

I’m in the process of reading Peggy Orenstein’s most recent book, Cinderella Ate My Daughter: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the New Girlie-Girl Culture. It was, perhaps, an interesting choice to pick up a few days before delivering what multiple sonograms have shown will be a baby girl. I sympathize with Orenstein’s opening parag… read more »

Time magazine, money, and what to tell your kids

Time magazine devoted this past week’s cover to a “Special Money Issue.” Given that I’ve spent the past year thinking about “what we spend,” just as the cover lines promised, I found the topic intriguing. Among the interesting tidbits: Almost two-thirds of Americans would take a pay cut to keep our jobs. In 1950, we s… read more »

Tithing and Happiness

In All The Money In The World (yes, that link goes to a placeholder website for the book!) I talk about how best to give money away. Some research has found that spending money on other people — either in the form of gifts or charity — is one of the easiest ways to buy happiness. While this doesn’t make intuitive sense (why would buying a DVD for s… read more »