The Camp Gap, And A Reality Check

I don’t know what it is with DailyWorth, but they’re giving me a lot of blog fodder lately. Today’s post by M.P. Dunleavey is about the “camp gap.” Apparently, in her small town, school ends on June 14, and camp starts on June 27. This leaves many working days of no coverage. She assumed there would be some program for her school… read more »

The Beta-Reader Experiment

Several weeks ago, I put out a call for book “beta-readers” for my manuscript of All the Money in the World. In the software industry, beta-testers (usually not internal to a company) use a product for a while, giving their feedback. The industry does this because the understanding is that software is supposed to be useful, and things often func… read more »

The Trouble With First Lines

Almost two years ago, I decided to begin 168 Hours with these words: “Tuesday, July 14, 2009, was a good day.” It was a good day — though I had to cast around for a while to figure out how I wanted to get into the idea that lives are made up of hours, and how we choose to spend our hours determines the shape of our lives. That was a day I spent a high prop… read more »

What Does It Mean To Be Frugal?

Over at DailyWorth, Marilyn Zelinsky-Syarto is blogging about her “Unnecessary Spending Guilt.” For her 50th birthday, she decided to get her kitchen remodeled. Which is great, except that as a regular blogger on frugal issues, she feels like a fraud for spending money on something that does not technically have to happen. Her kitchen still… read more »

USA Today: Crowdfund Your First Job

I have a column in today’s USA Today called “Crowdfund Your First Job.” The idea (a bit tongue in cheek, but still) is that the job market is still lousy. If you’re hunting for a first position out of school, you can send your resume around to the places that recruit on college campuses. Or you can try something a little off beat. Use one… read more »