Your Own Personal Debt Ceiling

Like most Americans, I’ve been watching the political debate over the debt ceiling with some mixture of incredulousness, cynicism and alarm. The former comes from the oddity of the whole situation. Total debt is a function of money coming in being less than money going out for several years. Congress authorized all those decisions on money in and mon… read more »

Round-up: Fortune, WSJ, Blog Talk Radio, and Can You Become a Morning Person?

Lots of headlines already this week!
The Wall Street Journal’s “The Juggle” blog featured 168 Hours yesterday — particularly my question of where we hit the point of diminishing returns with work hours. A recent Juggle post had claimed that the 40-hour workweek was the new part-time, which may be the case in some organizations, b… read more »

How to (really) earn $8000/month working from home

My Twitter account was compromised this past weekend by a phishing scam that, in retrospect, should have been quite clear. As a result, I inadvertently sent direct messages to numerous people that may have done the same thing to their accounts. In the course of all this, I’ve gotten a few messages promising me that I can “Earn Guaranteed $8000/M… read more »

The 1000 Word Habit

As I wrote a few days ago, I’m making another attempt at writing fiction. When I interviewed Camille Noe Pagan, author of The Art of Forgetting, for BNET recently, she mentioned that she had made a chart with 80 “1K” entries on it. A commercially viable novel these days generally has about 80,000 words, and she kept herself focused on writi… read more »

A Modern Fear: Range Anxiety

Since I am now in the market for a car, I’ve been reading far more about cars than I ever have in my life. I also attended my first auto show a few months ago in NYC’s Javits Center, hopping into all kinds of different makes with 3 rows.
As I have been doing so, I’ve been fascinated by the marketing challenges posed by the nascent field of electric… read more »