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Books! Plus my fiction problem

UPS delivered a most delightful looking book to my doorstep today; see photo at left. Yep, the first batch of All the Money in the World just rolled off the presses, in time to be in book stores on March 1. There is something so wonderful about holding a finished book in one’s hand. The weight seems to give substance to ideas. So anyway, it is done, it exists,… read more »

The Gladwyne Diet

I’ve been working on the project of losing my baby weight for 3 months now. In doing so, I’ve discovered a radically simple and effective way to lose weight that I promise will work for you too! 1. I eat less than I want to eat2. I exercise more than I want to exercise As result of these revolutionary, breakthrough secrets, I have lost 10 lbs in 3 months, which co… read more »

Friday Round-Up: MoneyWatch edition

My 168 Hours blog from BNET migrated over to CBS MoneyWatch a few months ago. Unfortunately, much of the traffic did not automatically migrate with it. I have this fantasy that my 70,000-plus missing readers are wandering around, feeling vaguely bereft though, alas, they are probably over it by this point. However, if you’ve been thinking “wo… read more »

The Behavior Gap

Here’s a conundrum. If you compare investors’ returns in funds to the returns of the funds themselves, they should be the same, right?   Well, no. You see, “studies find that the returns investors have earned over time are much lower than the returns of the average investment,” writes Carl Richards, the Sharpie-wielding Bucks blogger at the New Y… read more »

The 4-Year Career

Over at Fast Company, Anya Kamenetz has a fascinating article on “The Career of the Future.” Complete with timelines of several people’s working lives, the piece claims that the median tenure of a worker on the job these days is 4 years. Forget lifetime employment. Now we have 10-11 jobs apiece. How do you navigate that world? Strategic j… read more »