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ATM Book Club Week 4 (Chapter 3)

I’m hosting an informal book club on this blog devoted to All the Money in the World: What the Happiest People Know About Getting and Spending. Each week we discuss one chapter. You can join at any time; there are links to previous weeks at the bottom of this post. Chapter 3 is called “Rethink Retirement.” Being able to afford a secure retire… read more »

Round up: spring fever and productivity

My yard is in full, glorious bloom right now. I’ve always loved the idea of having lots of flowers, but I think I would have felt terribly profligate spending big bucks on landscaping. So how wonderful that the flowers came with the house! I did pay for them, but spending on a house seems responsible. This is one of the little tricks one’s mind plays… read more »

False choices

The human brain really likes two-sided arguments. They are easy to understand. However, the either/or mindset produces some interesting false choices that then shape the cultural narrative. The danger is that people make real choices about their lives without considering other variables. A few I’ve heard over the years: From a high school studen… read more »


Thick the green comes in like fogrolling dawn after dawn every day a deeper shade untilthe woods drip with plenty breathe in the glory for nowjust nowhow many of our breaths are scented with spring? a willing branchcatches a pink clouduntil, in the breezeletting go… read more »

How many minutes spent swilling Chardonnay?

Piggy-backing on Real Simple’s women and time survey (blogged about here), the magazine’s website has launched a “Women & Time” web feature where readers can create charts about how they spend their time. You can do a “typical day” or a “fantasy day” and then compare your answers to others. In that… read more »