Making a difference on any budget

I enjoyed Kelly Greene’s article in the Wall Street Journal today on Best Volunteer Options for Any Budget. She suggested ways you could do good with smaller amounts of money (say, $100 in lending for Kiva) or larger sums (like $20,000 to start a non-profit). If someone came to you and said she had an extra $100 and wanted to spend it on something with th… read more »

Want to get more done? Write next year's performance review now

My career column over at BNET is now into its second week (and I’m happy to see, via Google Analytics, that it’s sending folks over here). My two posts this week:

“Why you should write next year’s performance review now.” Yes, the annual review is a bit of a farce. But it’s a useful tool, when taken into your own hands, for… read more »

Does online shopping save time?

This year, I’ve been trying to do most of my Christmas shopping online. The idea is that I can shop whenever, see lots of selection, compare prices, and not have to drag the kids around. Since I live in New York, there’s also a matter of physics. I don’t have a car, so I can’t park in a mall parking lot, load stuff in and drive home. I either… read more »

USA Today: When's the Right Time to Carol?

(This column ran in USA Today on Monday. I find the issue of observing Advent fascinating in light of the larger culture’s willingness to launch into Christmas celebrations as early as possible. Just FYI to clarify, Rev. Taylor Burton-Edwards did state in our interview that he can see the other side on this issue, and has even proposed starting Advent… read more »

Never get a "real" job: Q&A with Scott Gerber

Long before I wrote 168 Hours, I wrote an op-ed (in 2004!) for USA Today called “The Sanity of Self-Employment.” The idea was that for young people facing an uncertain market, the only truly stable career was one you designed yourself. I got a ton of feedback on that op-ed, and eventually it turned into my first solo book, Grindhopping: Build a Rew… read more »