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An expensive T-shirt, but cheap coats

After the painful ordeal of running a half-marathon in 84 degree heat in June, I had decided to take a time-out on races. While I like to run, and like to run long, the hassle of driving somewhere, parking, waiting at the start, and then dealing with race conditions, did not hold much appeal for me anymore. But then, a few weeks ago, I saw that the Philly half-marat… read more »

Better weekend coordination

While Sunday is not yet over, I feel comfortable saying this weekend went better than last weekend. Partly, it was that there was no swim meet, and I wasn't trying to run 10 miles. But even aside from that, things felt much more smoothly coordinated. We started on Friday with a quick stop at one of my husband's work events (cocktail hour) before we did date night a… read more »

What I am into now (November edition)

Were I to make a list of favorite months, November would be near the top. In my corner of southeastern Pennsylvania, the month starts with peak fall color. I love food, which makes Thanksgiving — with its festive and seasonal fare — a happy occasion. Then the month ends in cozy anticipation of the holidays (and usually my "birthday week" — I like to arrang… read more »

Time and memory

One of the biggest perks of speaking at TED Women was getting to hear the other speakers. One of the most fascinating for me -- given what I write about -- was NYU memory researcher Lila Davachi. She spoke about how the brain perceives time in the past. Time goes slower, she noted, when there are lots of memories created. When people say they want more time, they ge… read more »

Travel with big kids

We just got back from a long weekend vacation in Orlando. Most of the time was spent at various Disney places, with one stop at Universal Studios. We decided not to take the toddler for various reasons. He wouldn't remember it, and his presence would have made the entire trip a lot more complicated. So it was just my husband and me and the three older kids, now 9, 7,… read more »