Category: Weekends

One way to enjoy winter

I spent this past weekend in Tremblant in Canada (about 90 minutes from Montreal). The older three children and I tagged along with my husband, who'd been in Canada for work. The boys skied and went snowboarding. I don't ski, though I enjoy some of the people watching in ski resorts. I spent the mornings working and at the gym. Anyway, the highlight for me was in t… read more »

NYC trip

Thursday was probably my last full workday of the year. I started off with a stop at the NBC 10 studios in suburban Philly, where I taped a segment with the wonderful Tracy Davidson on how to spend time better in the new year. It should air on New Year's Day. Then, though I had packed my bags, I decided I had enough time to drive home and see the boys off on the bus. I took… read more »

The experiencing self, the remembering self, and a really long day

There's always a lot going on the weekend before Christmas. One mom at a practice last week lamented having four separate events she needed to choose from on Saturday the 17th. I suspect many blog readers had similar dilemmas. The 17th wound up being an epic day for me for many reasons. First, we'd bought tickets for Longwood Gardens' breakfast with Santa ba… read more »

What fits in bits of time

This was a relatively short weekend, as Sunday was officially a work day for me (well, sort of — more on that below). Friday my husband and I went to his office Christmas party. The toddler, mercifully, continued a streak of sleeping past 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. I celebrated by making star-shaped pancakes, per a request from the 5-year-old. Even with… read more »

My birthday weekend

There are some downsides to having a birthday relatively close to Christmas. As a kid, I sometimes didn't like that all my gift-receiving occasions came in one month. However, as an adult, I like that this time is already festive and full. I can piggyback on some of that festivity without planning everything on my own. And as for things that do require planning… read more »